Tips to Fix the "Stop 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" Error

Fixing complex PC errors is a big challenge for an average PC user. PC technicians may reveal some serious tech issues that are appearing on your device because of using a wrong troubleshooting strategy. If you wish to secure your computer parts, then read the article below to understand what does the "Stop 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" error mean and how to repair it.

A sudden crash or frequent shutdowns can be a result of a serious PC issue. Most of the Windows errors address a particular cause for their occurrence. A computer support professional is a well-trained technician to analyze such factors, but an average PC user may require making numerous attempts to know the same. Computer professionals recommend reading error description carefully to get a hint of its occurrence and ways to fix the same. Since unforeseen errors can cause major damages to computer parts, it is necessary to repair them as soon as they appear. If you don’t wish to avail remote desktop repair services, then you can search for some self-tech help guides to fix the “0x0000007B” error.

Read the article below to know why the error appears on your device and learn some quick tips to fix the same:

What is the Error All About?

You may get the error when you restart the computer. The prime reason for the occurrence of the error is that the IomegaWare version 3.1 gets installed on your device. PC experts claim that you will require making changes to your Windows Registry to resolve the issue. But if you don’t have adequate knowledge about the same, it is better not to open the Registry Editor because it can cause serious problems.

You can follow any of the following methods to troubleshoot the problem:

Method1: Reset Your System to Resolve the Issue

Stage1 - Perform System Restore

  1. Start your PC with the Windows 2000 CD-ROM and change the BIOS, if required.
  2. Press the ‘R’ key to select Repair.
  3. Now, press ‘C’ key to select Recovery Console.
  4. Type the “cd windows \ system32 \ config” command and press ‘Enter’ for changing the folder.
  5. Type the “ren system System.old” command and then press ‘Enter’ to continue.
  6. Type the “copy windows \ repair \ system” and press ‘Enter.’
  7. Type the “exit” command and press ‘Enter’ to close the Recovery Console.
  8. Try restarting your device normally and if you fail, then proceed to stage 2.

Stage2 - Edit Windows Registry

  1. Click Start, and then click ‘Run.’
  2. Type the “regedt32” command and click ‘OK.’
  3. Click the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” registry key.
  4. Now, click the ‘File’ menu, and then click the ‘Load Hive’ option.
  5. Allow your device to load the component in the ‘Windows \ System32 \ Config \ System.old’ folder.
  6. Type “Test,” when the Command Prompt asks you to enter a name in the ‘Name’ field.
  7. Click the “ControlSet <xxx> \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}” key, where <xxx> stands for numbers.
  8. Click the ‘File’ menu again, and then click the ‘Unload Hive’ option.
  9. Try removing the components of the ‘Windows \ System32 \ Config \ System.old’ folder.
  10. Click the ‘File’ menu, and then click the ‘Exit’ button to quit Registry Editor.

Stage3 - Reset the System

  1. Set Windows 2000 CD-ROM as a startup disk and start your PC.
  2. Press the ‘R’ key to select Repair.
  3. Now, press ‘C’ key to select Recovery Console.
  4. Type the “cd windows \ system32 \ config” command and press Enter to change the folder.
  5. Type the “ren system” command and press Enter to continue.
  6. Type the “ren System.old system” command and press Enter.
  7. Now, type the “exit” command and press Enter to close the Recovery Console.

Stage4 - Remove IomegaWare

Restart the computer normally and remove the IomegaWare program to fix the issue.


There might be numerous reasons for the occurrence of the “0x0000007B” error, but you will require finding the exact cause to prevent damage to your computer parts. Sometimes the error may not get fixed just because you’re using incorrect steps to fix the error code. If you’re unable to fix the issue using the above PC troubleshooting tips, then contact a reliable computer support firm to get your tech problems fixed instantly. It is agreeable that the desktop repair technicians may charge fees, but they have assured computer solutions.

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