Tips to Decorate Your Wall with Art Pieces

Tips to Decorate Your Wall with Art Pieces

The home looks quite boring without art pieces. But for the perfect vibes, you have to get the right pieces for your home.

Everything in this world comes with Dos and Don’ts, and that’s what you have to concentrate on while getting the art pieces or home décor for yourself. After all, no one likes an empty and depressing space, and therefore the boring blank walls is a “No-No”. So before you start decorating your walls with the art pieces, make sure to follow the below-given tips to save your time and efforts.

Your photographs should be the priority to decorate the walls as it will add the personal touch to it and don’t cost you anything. You can even mix them with some comprehensive wall decors and enjoy its mix and match look.

Wall Art pieces are meant for every room in your home and it has the power to change the entire home design. So pay equal attention to every part of your home, including bathroom and kitchen.

If you don’t want to ruin your walls, simply replace the nails or screws with picture-handing hooks to hang any kind of art piece. These can hold up to 100 pounds and keep the wall art on its place. You can even use two hooks to maintain the level.

Whenever hanging something on the wall, try to bring some matching hanging elements with it to maintain the silhouette. Also, it will not let a single hanging piece look boring or alone on a single wall.

Before hanging anything on the wall, make sure to plan it out in advance. You should decide its arrangement as per your satisfaction and accordingly add hooks on the wall.

Don’t always hang the pieces, you should also lean them against the wall. Give it a sitting look by putting it on the adjacent table or platform. This will give the layering vibes.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot on art pieces as some beautiful reasonable pieces are already available in the market. And if you have no budget, then simply form your gallery wall with the help of photographs and some handmade arts. I have always mentioned this point in all my wall decoration ideas blog that it is very important to make a wall with your photographs on it. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to go about your wall decoration.

While designing the art wall, make sure the centerpiece should be on the eye level as it will give a better illusion. For this, you can always try some quirky art pieces which are available online to look at the designs and to understand the desired dimensions.

In case you have many small wall art pieces, you can prepare a frame for them and then hang on the wall. It will make the wall look attractive. Just align them properly and make sure of the pattern and the symmetry, remember it matters.

Avoid hanging all the large pieces in one area and small pieces in other as it will make your wall look weird. The mix and match theme should be preferred for visually balanced vibes.

If possible, never hang the art pieces by yourself. Take someone’s help as they can guide you with the idea and placement. Also, two people will be able to save time and effort while maintaining correctness.


Wall arts should be displayed beautifully on the wall. And for that, you have to shop interior design ideas for the wall in a wisely manner. Don’t be too stiff and keep on experimenting and bring your style in the home.

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