Tips to clean Kitchen Knives

Knives are the most hardworking utensils in any kitchen. If you look at it critically, almost everything you do in the kitchen requires a knife and rarely will they stay long in the drawer before heading back to the worktops for another round of cutting. By the virtue of being the most used, kitchen knives are also some of the most cleaned tools and knowing how to do it properly and safely will be very important for you. As you clean your knives, your concern should not only be about their cleanliness but also your safety. Every knife including your best electric carving knife needs to be cleaned properly and doing so will help prevent cross-contamination, injuries, and dullness. So, how do you wash your kitchen knives safely and properly? 

Stainless steel sharp edges and different parts minimize (however don't dispense with) the weathering impacts of fluids and oxidation. Not all blades utilize stainless steel. More established blades, and some more up to date ones, utilize carbon steel that is more powerless to impacts of the components and may require more continuous care. Cut execution and life span are improved by standard care: 

Clean the whole blade routinely, including sharp edge, rotate focuses and bolting system. On the off chance that conceivable, clean it without inundating into fluid (shower cleaners function admirably). In the event that you inundate in fluid (water, foamy water, or solvents), dry altogether in the wake of cleaning, then oil edge and moving parts. Normal cleaning and oiling ought to deal with sticky deposit and light surface oxidation or starting rust arrangement ordinarily found on blades.

Tips to help clean your kitchen knives safely and effectively

Use clean water and normal soap

Although it might seem like using detergents is the best way to keep your knives clean, just a simple soap and plain water will do the job just right. It’s always advisable that harsh and strong detergents shouldn’t be used to clean your knives as these could damage them and even transfer the odors and tastes into your foods. Just using plain water, plain soap, and a sponge before rinsing will be enough. Always seek to clean your kitchen knives immediately after us so that the food doesn’t stick on the blade thus making it hard to clean.

Wash the knife tenderly while holding the handle

Never wash the knife while holding the blade. It is always good to have a firm grip on the handle and wash the knife while the blade is pointing away from your body. You should also avoid using a sponge that is too slippery and this could increase the chances of slipping and injuring your hands. Once you’ve washed both sides, rinse thoroughly and then wipe with a clean, dry towel.

Don’t soak the knives inside the sink

Soaking your knives in the sink could be a recipe for accidents. Even when there are sticky substances on the blade of your knives, it is only good to soak then in shallow water, and clear water for that matter in a way you can see them. Trying to scrub stubborn, sticky foods off the blades of your knife could be risky for you. Soaking the knives eases the process of washing and makes it safer for you.

Avoid the dishwashers

Even when dealing with knives made from stainless steel material, a dishwasher is a no-no when it comes to cleaning. High heat and abrasive detergents could cause the handles and blades to become dull within a few weeks while giving your knives some scratches on the edge. It could also cause some cracks on the wooden knife handles or even make them loose within a short time. While at it, your sharp kitchen knives could also damage your other utensils unnecessarily.

Once you wash your knives and are sure they might not be used anytime soon, make sure they are dried and stored safely in a drawer. Avoid storing your knives while they are still wet. When washing your electric carving knives, make sure they are disconnected from the power source and not soaked in water. 

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