Three Useful Methods to Troubleshoot the Windows Update Error “0x80070057”

Windows users often come across errors that bring a halt to their productivity. Over Windows environment, you may come across various Windows errors. Error “0x80070057” is one such error that often crops up while users attempt to install updates from Windows Updates. If you are also struggling with this critical error, then in this article you can learn a few computer support tips that will help you in fixing the error.

Method 1:  keep free space on the Installation Drive

By keeping free space available on your installation drive, you can avoid most of the Windows errors. It is essential to keep free space available on the installation drive because this space is used by various system files. Whenever, the installation drive gets overcrowded and lacks free space, errors like “0x80070057” tend to crop up.

Thus, it is advisable that you should use the installation drive (usually C: drive) only to store the system files. You shouldn’t store your personal data or other files on this drive. Thus, if you have got the error, then first check space on the installation drive. There is a high possibility that you must be lacking free space on the drive.

Thus, switch your personal files and data from the installation drive to external drive, so that you can create some free space on the installation drive. Also, uninstall the unused applications or programs from the drive. You should keep the programs that come pre-installed and that you frequently use.

Method 2 – Clear Windows Registry

Windows Registry is an essential component of the Winnows OS. Windows Registry is like a database that stores key files related to Windows software and applications. Even when you uninstall a program or application, the files associated with it stay back in the Registry. That often causes the piling of unwanted registry entries and keys. That also leads to the referred error.

The ideal technical support tip to fix this issue is to use a reputed registry cleaner. Registry cleaner are special tools, designed to wipe out the unwanted, unused and junk registry entries. You can clean the registry entries manually also, but that is not a safe method as you might end up removing some valuable registry key.

If you don’t want to use a registry cleaner and want to clean it up manually, then you need to go for online tech support help. Computer support engineers carry adequate knowledge about the valid and invalid or corrupt keys. Thus, they can do the manual cleaning in a better way.

Method 3 – Rename ‘SoftwareDistribution’ Folder

Error “0x80070057” occurs when something goes wrong with the Windows updates. That directly affects the folder called ‘SoftwareDistribution.’ Windows operating system uses this folder to store all the services related to Windows Update. If you want to get rid of this error, then you can try an effective technical support tip. Try renaming the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ Folder. For many users, this trick has worked and fixed the error. However, before renaming the folder, you need to disable the Windows Update service.

Perform the following steps to rename the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder:

•    Disable Windows Update

•    Go to the ‘Start’ button

•    Open the ‘Run’ command

•    Type the command “%SystemRoot%.”

•    Press the ‘Enter’ key.

•    You will see the ‘SoftwareDistrubution’ folder in the results

•    Right-click on it and select ‘rename.’

•    Now, rename it to ‘SoftwareDistribution.OLD.’

•    Next, turn on the Windows Update

•    Then, restart your computer.

•    By renaming the folder, most likely you would be able to address the Windows Update error.


The error “0x80070057” occurs when something goes wrong with Windows Update. There are a few troubleshooting tips that would help you in fixing the errors. By freeing space on your installation drive, cleaning the unused registry and by renaming the ‘SoftwareDistrubution’ folder, you can try fixing the error.

However, if you are not confident of performing the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, then it’s better to avail online tech support services from a reputed computer support firm. You should stay cautious while choosing your tech support firm. Always connect with a firm that use secured remote connection and maintains a healthy reputation in the market for giving utmost importance to customer satisfaction and data security. 

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