Things You Need to Consider When Installing LED Downlights in Your Home

LED Downlights

LEDs have transformed the way people illuminate their homes. These LED lights are more environmentally friendly compared to incandescent bulbs, pocket-friendly, and offer better illumination. Out of all the LEDs that are available on the market, downlights are highly sought-after. If you are interested in using downlights in your home, here are a few things that you should consider.

Spacing the Downlights

If you have a vacant wall and are wondering what to do with it, you can think of installing downlights. You can create a scalloped design with the light fixtures and then hang eye-catching wall art to draw attention to it. In case you do not have the right wall art, don’t worry. The downlights can fill space on an empty wall and create a decorative element and at the same time, you can use the lights to illuminate the surroundings. The only thing that you need to be careful about here is to ensure that overhead lights do not hurt the eyes with their glare. So, take this into account when you decide to install downlights on your wall.

Play with Depth and Shadows

It is possible to create shadows and depth with the help of downlights. The key here is to strategically position the lights. Remember, to play with shadows and create depth, you need to position the downlights close together. That way, you will get intense pools of lights, which, in turn, create stunning and eye-catching shadows that contrast beautifully with the illumination.

Light Placement is Essential

Placing the downlights correctly is an essential part of ensuring that you get the effect you want. In high traffic areas, you may want to do away with the shadows so that there is a clear line of vision. That means maintaining a fair distance between downlights. On the other hand, if you want to illuminate an open living space, think of evenly spacing the lights so that you never compromise illumination and at the same time, you enjoy a superior lighting experience.

Use Downlights for Accent Lighting

If you want to create a focal point in your living room, bedroom, or any other living space, position the LED downlights directly over the area. Not only will you be able to capture the attention of people when they walk into the room but it will also alter the ambiance of the room. Accent lighting can also be used as task lighting if you are installing downlights. Again, the key is to position the lighting fixtures in such a way that they are focused on the area where you require the illumination. Remember, for a large room, downlights should not be used for illumination as you will require many to get the ambient lighting right. So, use them for accent lighting and creating focal points in the room and you will not go wrong.

Use the Dimming Option

Thanks to the advances in lighting technology, it is possible to opt for downlights with dimming features. When you opt for a dimmer, you have complete control over the intensity of the light. So, you can set the mood, look, and feel of the room based on your needs. That is why downlights have become very popular in homes – they provide flexible lighting solutions that homeowners desire.

While most homeowners believe that downlights are just for a spotlight effect, it may come as a surprise to many that these lights can be used for illumination as well. They are available in a range of finishes, including plastic, chrome, and brass. So, it is easy to match the finish to the switches and sockets, and the décor of the room. When you position downlights correctly, they can distribute light and illuminate the space. However, if you are looking for ambient lighting, you should club a group of downlights with an LED lamp so that you have the perfect mix of ambient light and spotlight. That will enhance the appeal of the room and make decorative elements stand out.

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