Things You Must Know About MySQL Database Platform

mysql database

MySQL is one of the most popular database platforms for businesses. It is extremely easy to utilize. It is generally used with PHP. You probably have heard that MySQL is easy to work and good relation to other computer languages, but it is a simple language. For example, somebody with no or little knowledge of MySQL can establish a quick database as well as activate a CMS, like WordPress install manually.

Advantages of Working with MySQL

No doubt, many hosting providers make this procedure even easier by managing all the important works for new website administrator, but it does take away from the point that MySQL is comparatively easy to use. Not to mention, there are various types of tools that take advantage of MySQL, particularly today's CMS, or open source e-commerce, for instance, OsCommerce, Joomla and much, much more. Let us see the advantages of working with MySQL.

MySQL is Secure Enough: It uses strong data security layers, which helps to protect very important data from the outside access. Personal rights can be easily set to give multiple user levels that allow different people to access to the sensitive stored data. All the passwords you use to access this MySQL database are totally encrypted, so it is secure enough.

MySQL is Not that Much Expensive: MySQL database normally comes free. You can easily download it from its official portal. It generally comes pre-installed on most of the hosting servers it is not that much expensive to use or to maintain.

MySQL Can Manage Memory: The database software has been shown to handle memory exceedingly good enough and it prevents the leaks of memory, you may have experienced on a server where it is not deployed.

MySQL is Widely Supported: People use MySQL, because of a reason, though this is one of the reasons you like to use MySQL that is widely supported software. You can easily run the software on different platforms as well as operating systems, for example, Windows or Linux operating system, Novell NetWare, UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX, DEC UNIX), OS/2, FreeBSD etc.

MySQL is Reliable and Fast: If you like to compare MySQL with other database software like Sybase or Oracle, it has fewer features to offer you but it is good enough. It is faster than other database software in terms of speed, reliability, and performance. The users have the necessary access to all the features and functionalities they would by way of other database platforms.

Data Storage of MySQL is Scalable: Using MySQL you easily manage a total file size, for instance, you want to handle of 5GB, moreover, this can be expanded to meet the requirements - by as much as 9TB of data. Is not it scalable?

MySQL Can Support Novell Cluster Services: Hope you have already heard NetWare's Novell Cluster Services, which offer a reliable server-side database extension to prevent, protect and manage your data in the time of hardware failure. With MySQL, content that is stored on a Novell cluster, whether one server fails, the software will manage your alternate server. This not only keeps your site as well as applications working smoothly but also protect from data damage. Your customers/clients will never even know or notice that a server already went down.

If you are a Website developer or a dedicated network administrator with a keen interest in building high standard database applications, MySQL is for you. It is easy to use, yet highly powerful, secure as well as scalable. And due to its small size as well as speed, MySQL is one of the ideal database solutions for Websites.

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