Things to Consider When Moving with a Pet

moving with pets

Moving is certainly among the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. With all of the tasks you have to take care of and the schedule you must pay attention to, it can be easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Just as it is difficult for you, it is also quite stressing for your pets. A removal can be traumatic for a pet, given that their known environment changes and that there is a new surrounding that they will have to get used to very soon. Take steps into ensuring a pet-friendly move and you will ensure that both you and your pet have an easier time. Here is what you must keep in mind:


Plan the move in advance - one of the most common mistakes you can make is not to have a plan and a schedule to follow during your move. That way you will hardly find time for your pet and you will feel quite stressed with all of the tasks that are just randomly taking place. It is a recipe for disaster, so avoid this mistake. Carefully plan your whole move and make sure you take your pet into account. According to removal experts, a removal is best carried out step by step with tasks following one after the other.

Schedule an appointment with your vet - now that you are moving, you should visit your vet and tell them of the situation. Not only can they provide you with information about what vet to choose the new location if they have such a connection, but also explain how to make the move easier for your pet. Perhaps they can suggest a mild sedative if your pet gets too nervous, and valuable advice on how to make your pet used to a carrier if that is your preferred method of transportation. Additionally, if your pet is due for shots or vaccinations, doing those before the removal is best. Make sure you go through all of your pet’s documentation with your vet, just to be sure everything is in order.
Groom your pet - it is always a good idea to groom your pet so that they are in top condition for the move. Long-haired companions might experience discomfort during a move in the heat of summer, so definitely take this into consideration. Trimming their nails is very important too.

Spend time with your pet and spoil them - it is a stressful time for your pet, and it will likely show. That is why you should pay close attention to see if your pet is eating healthy and is feeling fine, as packing is underway. They will know something’s coming, so it is up to you they receive your care and love.

Double-check your new dwelling - once you arrive, you have to make sure your new home is pet-friendly. You most certainly don’t want to keep any doors and windows open, as your pet will need time to adjust to the new place and may easily get lost in unfamiliar surroundings.
Give them time to get accustomed to the new place - since the environment is new for them, your pets will likely experience some stress. It is important to allow them enough time and assure they are feeling comfortable in the new place. Keep familiar toys and mats nearby and make sure you pay enough attention to them, no matter how demanding your relocation tasks are.

Update the ID tag of your pet - it is better to be safe than sorry. In case your pet wanders off, an updated ID tag will surely help in returning them to you.

Change of homes can definitely be a stressful experience for your pet. Follow the outlined suggestions on how to make it easy and as stress-free as possible. Your beloved pet will be thankful.

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