Tech Support Tips to Fix the "Stop 0x0000007B" Error

Maintaining a Windows PC isn’t difficult at all, if you follow PC maintenance and tune-up tips regularly. A sudden system crash or an abrupt shutdown may present you with "Stop 0x0000007B" error. Read the article below to know about a lesser known case of this error and then apply free tech support tips to fix it up.

A lot of computer geeks recommend installing regular updates, security patches, and the latest editions of the software programs installed on your device to keep malicious threats at bay. Not only computer viruses, insufficient disk space, outdated applications, missing or corrupted Windows Registry files but many other reasons are also responsible for displaying system errors on your Windows PC. It is agreeable that online PC support firms can fix all such errors within a few minutes or hours, but have you ever tried fixing them up on your own? If not, then you must browse the web to find some quick self-help tutorials that can repair your PC errors with ease and will help you to save hundreds of your hard earned dollars.

If you’ve made any changes in your PC’s software installation section, then read the article below to know why the “0x0000007B” error occurs on your device:

Symptoms of the Error

You may see the error code on your device after removing the Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum software. The error is likely to appear soon after you try restarting your device after completing the uninstall process. Additionally, you may get a similar error message while trying to reinstall the software package on your Windows PC. It is a blue screen error, and average users may find it difficult to repair. The error description will resemble the following details:

“*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Causes of the Error

The problem may occur if the ‘PrtSeqRd.sys’ UpperFilters driver registry entry is still present in your Windows Registry. It is quite common that the UpperFilters entry remains in the registry, even if you become successful in getting rid of the ‘PrtSeqRd.sys driver’ file.

What Should You Do to Resolve the Error Code?

Most of you will think about contacting an IT helpdesk to get the system error resolved, but it is not the only solution available. Even if you know a little about troubleshooting, then you can browse the web and look out for some self-help PC troubleshooting guides to resolve the error with ease. Some of the self-help guides may contain a detailed set-by-step instructional guidance to fix the error without charging even a single dollar. 

PC Support Tips to Resolve the Error Code

1.    Insert the Windows 2000 CD-ROM and start your PC using it.
2.    Once you enter into the boot menu, press the ‘R’ key on your keyboard to select the ‘Repair’ option.
3.    Now, press the ‘C’ on your keyboard to enter into the ‘Recovery Console.’
4.    Type the number representing the Windows 2000 installation that you wish to repair.
5.    You may get a prompt asking you to enter the ‘Administrator’ password. Provide the relevant details and then hit ‘Enter’ to continue.
6.    Now, you will require making changes in the ‘%windir%\System32\Config’ folder by renaming the ‘System’ file to ‘’
7.    Additionally, you will also require renaming the ‘System.old’ file to ‘System.’
8.    Type the following command in the ‘Drive:\WinNT’ prompt and press ENTER after each line:

  • cd system32\config
  • ren system
  • ren system.old system

9.    Now, launch the Command Prompt, type the “cd C:\WinNT\System32\Drivers” command, and then press ‘Enter.’
10.    Type the “ren prtseqrd.sys prtseqrd.old” and “copy diskperf.sys prtseqrd.sys” command in the Command Prompt, and then press Enter.
11.    Now, type “disable Cdr4_2K” command and then hit Enter.
12.    Type “disable Cdralw2k” command and hit Enter.
13.    Type “disable Cdudf dvd_2K” command and hit Enter.
14.    Type “disable Mmc_2K” command and hit Enter.
15.    Type “disable PrtSeqRd” command and hit Enter.
16.    Type “disable Pwd_2K” command and hit Enter.
17.    Type “disable UdfReadr” command and hit Enter.
18.    Now, type “dir cdr4_2k.sys” command and hit Enter. If the file name appears, then type “ren cdr4_2K.sys cdr4_2K.old” command to rename the file, and then press Enter.
19.    Type “dir cdralw2k.sys” command and hit Enter. If the file name appears, then type “ren cdralw2k.sys cdralw2k.old” command to rename the file, and then press Enter.
20.    Type “dir cdudf.sys” command and hit Enter. If the file name appears, then type “ren cdudf.sys cdudf.old” command to rename the file, and then press Enter.
21.    Finally, type the “exit” command and press Enter to close the Recovery Console.
22.    Restart your device to check if the error gets resolved.


The error code may appear on your device due to the presence of some unwanted registry entries. Therefore, you must run system cleanup tools and registry cleaners to get rid of such files in one go. Computer geeks recommend conducting regular PC maintenance sessions to ensure optimal speed and performance of your Windows PCs. If nothing helps you out, then you can dial to a reliable IT helpdesk for getting instant tech solutions for your PC problems.

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