Successful Ways and Methods of Grounding Yourself

Successful Ways and Methods of Grounding Yourself

Grounding is essential to the flow of energy, no matter where it’s being directed, or where it’s coming from. Anyone who desires to facilitate healing must learn about grounding, or it’s not going to happen. To understand how the energy of crystals works, grounding is part of the equation. If you want balance, it can’t be ignored. If you are becoming enlightened, your path will encounter a roadblock until you get your grounding in place.

Ways of Grounding Yourself

Crystals - there are many crystals that are used for grounding purposes. Crystals that are used at the Base Chakra are grounding crystals. The energies from these crystals activate Grounding between the 1st chakra and the Earth. They reverse the polarity of energy, changing negative energies into positive energies. Many healers who do chakra balancing with using powerful healing crystals will put an “anchor stone” at the feet for grounding purposes. There is actually an additional chakra there that is very important when you get to advanced chakra work. 

Intent - With practice, we can learn to ground ourselves simply with the intention of doing so. There is a popular phrase among people who do energy work that says, “energy flows where attention goes”. You can learn to do this by making the mind still and focus on the intention of grounding yourself; imagine yourself a tree, with roots growing into the ground. This is just one way of grounding yourself by intention.

Yoga - Yoga teachers teach a series of yoga poses specifically for grounding. Yoga is in itself a form of meditation and grounding.

Tai Chi - Tai Chi is the practice of grounding, you can't practice Tai Chi without grounding. Michael, our website developer, ipracticingng Tai Chi Chuan. He expresses grounding as something that you can be aware of when for instance you push away from the ground or walking, walking is, in fact, a controlled fall, if you don’t put one foot in front of the other, when you walk, you will fall to the ground. When we stand up or rise from a sitting position, we are made aware of our connection to the earth by the gravity pull.

Grounding is something we learn to do, it doesn’t just happen automatically. Many things around us naturally; walking, eating, drinking water, playing sports – all of these things make us more aware that we are in the physical body. Sometimes others are described as being “a grounded person”. This is because they do things that connect them with Mother Earth and Nature. People that spend a lot of time outdoors with animals, and love being out enjoying Nature tend to be very grounded. They ground themselves naturally this way.

By grounding we become balanced and function normally, using less of our own energy. When learning healing techniques, grounding is important, because we want to channel the energy from God/Source/Higher Power. If we do energy and healing work, using our own energy, not only does it become limited to what we can do physically, it depletes us of our own energy.

Practice Grounding when you get up in the morning. Go outside with your coffee or juice and just take in the sunshine and the elements of Nature. When you are grounded, you will notice you feel a lot calmer, and things that normally irritate you will be hardly noticeable. You will experience a more positive outlook and a happy attitude.

I learned a wonderful thing to do each morning on one of my Weekend Retreats – I have made it a practice to do this every morning: Go out and greet the Sky and all that is. Offer yourself to the day, and accept the Energy of the Earth. Release what you don’t need, and give all gifts from the Heart. Be Grateful. Every single day is a chance to give or receive a Blessing you won’t want to miss.

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