Steps to Take Before You Go Engagement Ring Shopping

Engagement Ring Shopping

So you are thinking of proposing? Sounds like your call to look for an engagement ring, but how to purchase one? Confused! Well, don't be, it's not a rocket science and all you need to know are some simple steps and then start your search for your kind of ring. Below written are some points which if followed will help you get the ideal ring.

Browse on Pinterest

Browsing the internet is one of the best options. Pinterest has a lot to offer you, you can get images of various types of diamond engagement rings there. What you can do is create a bank of all the images that you like and then see for yourself which one you like and then purchase something similar.

Real-Life Examples

If you've had an eye on somebody' ring then it's a perfect time to buy something similar for yourself. Might be that you liked some ring and couldn't recall the design of it, what's the big deal? You can always rely on Pinterest for it, the numerous designs that it has may help you remember the ring you have been eyeing earlier but could no longer recall.

Don't Forget the 4 C's

Colour, cut, clarity and carat, these are of utmost importance when buying a diamond engagement ring. Cut is all about the shape and positioning of a diamond's facets. Clarity refers to the imperfections present in diamonds. Diamonds are graded for colour, D being the purest colourless colour. Carat is the weight of the diamond.

Select a Shape

Diamond rings are available in a wide variety of shapes. Before going shopping for your engagement ring, know about all these shapes and then only buy the one that perfectly suits your finger. The best part about buying a diamond engagement ring is that diamonds are never out of fashion so feel free to buy any shape, and be happy that you can't fall out of fashion. You can buy any shape from cushion, emerald, square, oval, pear, heart and round. But if your finger is short and chubby go for marquise cut and if it is long then cushion or emerald cut is the one for you.

Metal Options For Your Ring

Yellow, white or rose, which one do you like the most? Yes! You get colour choices in the band you select for your ring. So, if you like bright white colour then chances are that you may fall for platinum, and if you wear a lot of gold then you will like nothing but the yellow gold and then there is also rose gold which has a bit of reddishness in it. Your band can completely enhance or degrade the look of your ring, hence choose the one that adorns your skin and looks beautiful on your finger.

Diamond Setting

Like the shape, diamond ring also has different settings. These settings are namely the tiffany setting, bezel setting, tension setting, halo setting etc. solitaire with solid band is perfect for those who prefer classic look and if you are somebody who is more inclined towards glamorous look, then a radiant, cushion or emerald-cut stone with a halo is what will please you the most.

Take Your Friend Along

With so many choices, it might turn a difficult affair for you to select a ring and so it's better to take your best buddy along. And if not your bestie, then you should consider someone who has already bought a diamond before and is knowledgeable enough to guide you. Hope these tips will help you select the perfect ring for your D-day. All these points were just a glimpse, you can further read in detail about each point and then opt for buying the ring. Now when you know what to do, don't make excuses, gear up and go out shopping for the ring you find the best for you.

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