Six Simple Tips To Clean Your Floor


It is important to keep the house clean and tidy. It does not only provide a cosy and comfortable environment that looks aesthetically appealing but also reflects the personality of the homeowner. This is why we now have a number of ways in which house floors can be cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Sweeping and vacuuming the floor removes the dirt but it needs to be mopped eventually. Mopping the floor avoid grime accumulation. Even though cleaning the floor sounds easy, it is an art that not everyone can master. Nevertheless, here are six simple tips in which the job can be completed quickly.

Clean The Area Properly

Preparation needs to be made before mopping the floor. All the furniture such as rugs, chairs, and tables must be removed to create space. It needs to be done to ensure that every spot on the floor can be reached. Furniture must be cleaned as well so that all the debris fall on the floor before actual mopping process is carried out. Clear the area to make the things much easier when removing grime and debris.

Sweep The Floor

Many homeowners skip this step when cleaning the floor. Even though it seems redundant, the mop is not good at picking up the dust, crumbs and solid debris. All the stuff will just be pushed across the floor if it is not swept properly beforehand. Do not skip this step since dust and debris can leave scratches on the floor.

Use Warm Water To Mop In Section

It is highly recommendable to use warm water with your cleaner. The bucket must be filled half so that mop can be submerged completely into the water when dipped. A dried out mop must be soaked in the warm water before you begin to clean the floor.

It is advisable to mop the floor in small sections. This makes getting rid of debris and rime easier and simpler. The overall cleaning process gets more effective as well. Divide the floor into several sections and wipe the floor with a mop over two to three times. This allows the cleaning solution to spread all over the area rather than just scrubbing the dirt.

Rinse And Wring The Mop

Using a good mop like shark v2700z is important in order to clean the floor with more efficiency. Nevertheless, wring the mop out once a section is completed. Make sure you wring the mop out over the bucket. Small sections must be wiped again with a wrung out mop. Also, make sure to rinse the mop out so dirt is not spread over other parts of the floor. Mop needs to be rinsed twice if the floor is made out of hardwood.

Change The Cleaner

The cleaner becomes visibly solid when the floor is mopped and it even gets darker. The dirty water must not be used to clean the floor again. Cleaning solution must be changed one you notice that water has become visibly dirty. This will make sure that clean water is used on the floor.

Soak the mop in the cleaner then and work on the sections in the same way as mentioned above. Repeat the process until the whole floor is cleaned.

Let The Floor Dry

This is the final step. You can finish it by drying the floor. Open a window and let the air dry the floor. Once completed, move back the furniture in place. Also, remember to hang the mop back into place when finished. Leaving it as it is into bucket will generate a smell which will is difficult to get rid of.


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