The Great Benefits Of Drain Relining

drain relining

When a home is first built the drainpipes are one of the first things installed, then everything else is built over them and the pipe leading to the curb is buried beneath the yard. This can work perfectly well for many years if you are lucky, but time is also called 'the great destroyer' and it will eventually exact its toll on your carefully laid pipes! Houses are heavy, and their weight might settle unevenly causing pipe breakage, or trees might grow roots that strangle the pipes beneath the ground. In the past, this could often turn into a real disaster, with sections of the house having to be torn open and dismantled while your carefully planted lawn and garden is dug up until it resembles a war zone.

Fortunately for us, advances in technology have put such drastic measures behind us! There is now a way to achieve drain relining without having to take a wrecking ball to your house and grounds! Drain pipe relining is an exciting new procedure designed to repair leaking, backed up, and cracked pipes and sewer lines with none of the former fuss.

This groundbreaking technology actually breaks no real ground at all, it is a no-digging, trenchless process that completely does away with the necessity of having to perform expensive and destructive yard excavations, digging up of beloved trees, sidewalk breakage, water damage, and costly deconstruction to the home itself to solve the problem. Drain relining involves the insertion of new epoxy-saturated pipe tubing into the existing pipes. The tubing is then inflated until it fills the broken pipe and once it is positioned properly cured it's into place by steam, hot air, or blue light LED technology. The end result is a brand new seal that lines the interior of the existing pipes that will last for many years to come!

Let's take a closer look at the great benefits pipe relining can bring to your home's water system:

Long Lasting -  Pipes that have been relined enjoy a life expectancy of twenty to forty years, far longer than traditional metal and plastic replacement pipes and with far less mess!

Prevention - If your home is older than twenty years you can install preventative pipe relining as a protective measure to stave off any potential structural damage your old pipes might cause if left in a state of decay. Old pipes are often structurally weak, taking action early with relining can save you a lot of time, money, and problems.

Less Damage - The process of relining your pipes does far less damage to your home and landscaping than pipe replacement, practically none in fact. If you are replacing pipes you must add on all the extra repair and landscaping costs necessary to put things back to rights. Pipe relining requires little to no cleanup because there is hardly any mess!

Fast - Pipe relining is a fast and simple process, in most cases, the procedure can be completed in less than 24 hours.

Effective - There really is no fair comparison between traditional methods of 'dig them up' pipe replacement and the non-invasive techniques of pipe relining. Replacement required you to have your home's walls and floors dismantled, sidewalks and concrete slabs broken up, and trenches dug through your yard. Pipe relining only requires a single square metre access hole be opened up to perform the procedure.

Less Expensive - The old pipe replacement methods were labour-intensive and destructive, which made them very costly. Pipe relining is far less invasive and thus less expensive. Best yet, pipe relining is stronger and lasts longer than expensive pipes do. Pipe relining is very simply your best choice!

Australia's local governments have also turned to pipe relining as a great way to save costs on municipal repairs. We hope this article will demonstrate the benefits pipe relining offers your home's water system!

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