A Simpler Way to Approach Dentists for SEO

SEO for Dentists, SEO for Dental Practices

A completely new subject for most of the dentist that SEO is, chances are that they might be missing on a lot of web focus of people browsing around for great dental services in their areas. Making dentists aware of the new trend of SEO that is quite in demand in this digital world is what we are persevering for. Let the concerned dentist view his website statistics and let him calculate the traffic he gets for an entire day or a say a week. Without digital dental marketing strategies which include SEO services too, there are likely the chances that only he is the one who is looking at his website again and again and unfortunately nobody else. Here’s why. When your website’s Google ranking is good, that is your website is laid right on the top of the Google search pages, people definitely click the links and visit the website.

The first result with the keyword "dentist" that appears in Google is the list of dental clinics or dentists best valued by Google. You have to take advantage of this option and position your dental clinic in this section. Take advantage of all Google tools like Google Places, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google+, Google Local etc. Remember that these searches will be determined by your location. If you are located in any area these searches will show you the dentists of your city.

On the contrary, if the website doesn’t use any digital marketing strategies or SEO services, no one bothers to search for pages and pages on Google just to find your website and visit it. Some dentists, who have tried applying SEO, have not been very successful in shifting their website to the top of Google search engine. As less as 20% dentists in a city hire SEO experts who really wants that shift in their Google ranking. However, common keywords such as ‘city dentist’ or ‘cosmetic dental treatment’ do not work. For e.g. 100 dentists practicing in a city use these keywords which they most likely may be doing, chances are that you may get lost in the web is anonymous. All the dentists competing on the basis of the same few keywords may not reach a high position in Google ranking.

A good SEO service includes a lot of research and a lot of smart keywords application which will take your website at a higher notch and give it a higher ranking in Google search engine. It is important to understand that people now find dentists online rather than in any telephone directory. Chances are that not many contemporary dentists are using SEO services. In which case, you may be quite fortunate to have all eyes on your website since it will be having a higher ranking on Google search engine. Make sure that while you use keywords they depict the procedures you perform and the exact area of your practice in the city.  Mare writing good content is not enough. One needs to add location and URL to every page title.

The quality and the quantity of the links to your website will determine the rank on Google. Also writing blogs help in creating more and more keywords and generate credibility, thereby increasing the traffic on your website.  Blogs on dental health care and tips to improve the oral conditions are some of the blogs people often find solutions to. Stumbling upon your website searching for specific health care keywords, people may end up getting treated by you in your practice.

If you are willing to improvise your website search and boost up your Google ranking, but do not have time or resources for doing that, hire an SEO specialist for the same purpose.  SEO not only give you a presence on the web but also convert patients from the web to your practice. 

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