Simple Tips To Maintain Your Refrigerator

refrigerator repair

Refrigerators are essential. It is a must-have appliance. Homeowners can practically not survive without having refrigerators in their homes. This is why you need to consider different models before purchasing the right one. Make sure you get hands on the best model in the market.

Despite the durability of a certain refrigerator, it is prone to faults. Electric fluctuations and other problems can cause your appliance to go faulty. However, there are certain ways in which you can ensure the maintenance of refrigerators. Here are some of the major tips listed to do so:

Clean The Condenser Coils Every Three Months

Heat from the freezers and refrigerators is removed by condenser coils. These are large coils which are situated beneath the units. It becomes difficult for the coils to remove heat if it is caught up by dirt and dust. This also means that more energy is consumed than it used to be. Therefore, make sure the condenser coils are cleaned every three months to preserve energy efficiency. A refrigerator repair service can be called as well.

Clean The Gasket

The rubber seal which outlines the fridge is called the gasket. This is often overlooked and not focused upon by many of the users. It is important to clean the gaskets with different universal cleaners. Gaskets tend to wear over time and then the fridge is not operated in an efficient manner. Gaskets can either be cleaned or you can even replace it completely. Fortunately, these are cheaper than other components of the fridge.


There are two ways in which this can be done – either manually or automatically. If there is an excessive accumulation of frost, turn off the thermostat and allow the frost to melt. Once it has been melted, clean the fridge and then turn on the thermostat again. On the other hand, there are some models that come with in-built self-defrosting abilities. There is no need to do anything manually. You just have to utilize this function to defrost the fridge.

Interior Cleaning

Interior of any fridge is more important than its exterior because it is the place where you store the food. It needs to be preserved and kept in the right order. There are many cleaners in the market that can be used in order to ensure the interior is kept completely clean. Airtight containers can be used as well to seal the odors. This helps in keeping the food fresher for a longer period of time.


One of the major problems that most of the homeowners having fridge experiences is unpleasant odors that come out of it. Deodorizer can be used in order to freshen and remove all the unpleasant odors. The manufacturers of this product have called is highly effective compared to baking soda. Baking soda is one of the tips used by many homeowners to deodorize the fridge. However, deodorizer is much more effective compared to other techniques to get rid of odors.

Replace The Filters

There are different filters within a fridge that needs to be replaced. Replacing them would make sure your fridge lasts longer. The water filtration system should be replaced on a frequent basis. At least every 4 months you should check the filters can get it replaced.

The Bottom Line

Operation of the fridge in an optimal manner is very important. This can be done by following the steps listed above. Even though you can hire a professional who can look over all the aspects above in one go, you can do it on your own as well to save money if you are in tight budget.

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