Simple Hacks That Make Cleaning More Fun

Simple ways to make cleaning more fun

It can be hard to stay on top of routine cleaning tasks in the home, especially when your schedule is packed. The last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is come home and start on chores. There are ways to make much-needed chores quicker and easier. Add these tiny changes into your cleaning routine to keep your home clean with minimal effort and you may just find yourself looking forward to cleaning up.  

Make Your Bed Every Morning 

You may have heard it before, but a made bed lifts your mood. Not only does it lift your mood it can have other psychological effects as well. When the bed is made you are less likely to focus on and feel like other untidy areas are large tasks nagging to be done, like a full hamper or dusty side tables. A made bed may even inspire you to tackle those other tasks.  

Open the Fridge Before Taking Out the Trash 

Take just a few extra minutes before you remove the bag from the trash can to survey the fridge for any old food. While doing this pay special attention to any food that is about to go bad and should be eaten first before it does. This not only prevents funky smells in the fridge, but helps to cut down on food waste and save you money. No more discovering a container that is so old everybody waits for someone else to take care of it.  

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Let the Products Clean the Kitchen 

Don’t dread scrubbing the kitchen any longer. Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t actually have to be a large bout of hard scrubbing to eliminate grease and other spills. Simply spray on the cleaner and let it sit to break things down for about 10 minutes or so and come back to an easily wipeable surface.  

Use a Silicone Oven Liner 

A silicone oven liner is like a giant version of a Silpat mat on a cookie sheet. It makes oven drips and spills so much easier to clean up, you will wonder how you functioned before you had one.  Make the job even easier with a dishwasher safe version.  

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Leave Pots to Soak During Dinner 

It is tempting to get the food plated and sit down to eat as soon as dinner is ready. Take just a few extra minutes before you dive in to place the leftovers in a container ready for the fridge and put the pots, pans, casserole dishes in warm soapy water to soak. Then all you have to do is give them a quick wipe and rinse after dinner and the dishes are clean.  

Give the Bathroom a Weekly Clean 

The last place anyone wants to clean more often is the bathroom because it can be the dirtiest and grossest spot in the house. Staying on top of cleaning the bathroom can and will make the job much less taxing and gross. More frequent routine maintenance will keep mold, mildew, soap scum and other bacteria under control; making cleaning quick and easy.  

Give Bathroom Surfaces a quick Wipe Every Night 

Each night after your nightly toothbrushing and face washing, give the bathroom surfaces a quick wipe down. Wake up to a fresh bathroom and prevent thick layers of product from crusting up making a deeper clean less daunting. 

Place Multiple Liners in Trash Bins 

You can do this with every trash bin in the house. Line it with a few bags instead of just one and all you have to do is pull the full one and the next is ready to go. No more rummaging for a replacement liner every single time.  

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Purchase Cleaning Products in Scents You Love 

It may sound silly or superficial, but buying a product in a smell you really love can lift your mood and have you looking forward to cleaning. The power of scent is a big one.  

Pick Up the Phone 

This one may sound funny, but it will be your favorite easy cleaning trick of all. Pick up the phone and schedule a deep cleaning of your carpets, tile, natural stone, hardwood, and upholstery. Having a professional deep cleaning performed in your home once a year not only gets deep down dirt, but it makes routine care much easier.  

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