Seven Of The Most Amazing Utah Hikes

Seven Of The Most Amazing Utah Hikes

Utah is home to 5 national parks. It is a landscape featuring dense forest, deserts, lakes, and beautiful arches. There is a lot of natural beauty that can not be reached by cars or trucks. Here are the seven amazing hiking trails to add to your bucket list.

1) The Narrows

The Narrows is in Zion National Park and is a unique hiking experience. The hiking trail is along the Virginia river. The canyon surrounding the river gets so narrow that there is only enough room for the river cutting through it. There are some places where there is only a small crack above to show the sky. The trail from bottom to the top does not require a permit and is around 6 to 8 miles. The trail from the top down is a 16-mile hike and requires a special permit. There are also camping areas available for those who would like to backpack. Since the hike is in the river, there are only certain times when it is accessible. It’s a good idea to check the weather before planning the hike. It is also a good idea to have waterproof clothing and gear.

2) Angels Landing

Another popular hiking trail in Zion National Park, this trail is not for the beginner. The 4-mile trail takes you up an evaluation of 1, 617 feet to some gorgeous panoramic views. The trail starts up with man-made switchbacks called Walters Wiggles. Then the trail narrows to a narrow ridge with sheer cliff walls on either side. There are chains attached to the walls for grasping handrails as hikers climb their way up to the top.

3) Delicate Arch

The Delicate Arch located at the Arches National Park. The Delicate Arch is the most famous arch in Utah, appearing on the states license plate. The trail leading to the arch is a moderately easy 3-mile hike through the Moab desert. The hike is in full sun but can also be a fun hike to take at night with a headlamp.

4) Landscape Arch

Landscape arch is another trail at the Arches National Park. The landscape arch is a football field in length and rumored to be the largest arch in the world. This trail is 1.6 miles. The hiking trail is easy enough that it is wheelchair accessible with a bit of help. If the trail is to easy, then you can keep going to Devils garden a hiking loop that showcases even more beautiful arches.

5) Lava Tube Loop

The lava tube loop located at Snow Canyon State Park is another popular trail. The 3.4-mile trail offers a variety of environments. The trail starts as the easy butterfly trail and turns into the lava flow trail. From here you can see lava tubes or climb the overlook that gives fantastic views of the rest of the park. If you continue west instead, you can go into the largest cave in the park. The cave contains a large cathedral-like room. Make sure to have proper lighting to avoid lose rocks. After you explore the cave, continue west then take West Canyon Road to get to the petrified Dune Trail. Here you can view the unique blue petrified rocks.

6) Fairyland Loop

The fairyland loop in Bryce Canyon National Park offers beautiful scenery. The eight-mile hike is rated moderate for its changes in elevation. The trail goes through canyons and ridges. Its starting point is the hoodoos that glow orange, cream, and pink. These rock formations created from ice and snow will make it appear you have entered a fantasy world.

7) Lower Calf Creek Falls

The Lower Calf Creek Falls is in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, near Escalante in South Central Utah. The hike is a 5-mile easy hike that showcases a 126-foot cascading waterfall. The hike is often crowded, especially in the summer when people want to cool off in the water.

Utah truly is home to some beautiful places.  There are countless tips and tricks to getting around and which cars or trucks are best for packing everything in for hikes or camping.  Be sure to plan ahead, and pay attention to the weather. It’s also important to stay observant to what's going on around you and as always bring plenty of water too.

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