Road Tripping in a Sedan, is Road Tripping Done Right

road trip

 Road Tripping in a Sedan is Road Tripping Done Right

The road trip is the classic moment a lot of people live for. Going down the road with no real destination in mind is the ultimate freedom; going full-speed in a random direction can be a liberating experience. Even with a destination in mind, there is a lot of freedom in terms of where you stop on the way there and where you can go. This does not mean the trip will be without problems; boredom and hungry are major potential problems, and a flat tire can put a major damper on the trip. However, those problems can be dealt with by preparing in advance; a little preparation can make any road trip go a lot smoother and make it that much more interesting.

Basic Preparation

Every car should have some sort of emergency equipment aboard, even if it is just a basic first aid kit, some flares, and some basic tools. Throw in a jack, a spare tire, and an empty gas container, and the car is ready to go. The car itself needs minimal consideration: Sedans are the perfect car for road trips because they have plenty of room to stretch out, have plenty of storage space, and can handle pretty much anything that may come up. Trucks are a good second place, but the limited space inside the cab is a problem for any extended trip.

Remember the Provisions

Food and drink will always be a major consideration. The basic rules of the road allow for plenty of breaks, but it is better to have some food and water in the main compartment. The best snacks are heavy in protein and carbs with some salt, but it is a good idea to have some fruit on hand as well; regardless of the food chosen they should require as little refrigeration as possible. While you should have a small cooler it should be full of drinks, preferably with water and fruit drinks but soft drinks are fine. Keep in mind that if you pack alcohol it cannot be drunk while the car is in motion and the driver should ideally be the sober one.


Keeping full and hydrated should not be a major problem but boredom can be a problem. As such it helps to have a few games to play on the road. Most of the best games require no moving parts, ensuring that nothing flies when the vehicle comes to a quick stop. Obviously, magnetic boards can be a major advantage when it comes to road trip, but they should be among the games available and not the only ones played. There are a lot of games to play, and keep in mind that part of the point is that they should get boring; boredom is actually part of the experience, albeit one that one should be avoided at all costs.

Of course, there are other ways to pass the time, and other rules of the road allow for that. Road trips are a great time for deep conversations, but keep in mind that there have to be some ground rules, such as not taking it too seriously; these conversations need to be viewed in terms of exploration and not personal affronts. Thus, the usual taboos of sports, religion, and politics can be approached, but it needs to be remembered that everyone is in the same vehicle. Remember that and everyone should still be friends when they leave the vehicle.

A road trip can be a great way to get away from everything, even in an era when everyone is plugged in. A sedan can be easily outfitted to have everything you need and that should be taken advantage of by the occupants of the vehicle. It is a great excuse to put down the phones for a while and to enjoy the company of friends. Go into with a little preparation and you should be able to survive the experience with friendships intact.             

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