Richard Meadow

Richard Meadow is a writer that specialises on topics in relation to freelancing, contractors insurance and small business advice, he can also research and write about other areas too. Richard is always interested in new subjects and articles to read and enjoys writing about them. He lives in Manchester currently but travels to Hong Kong often to see family and friends. 

Articles from this author

Thinking Cloud with a Light Bulb

Technology is continuously changing in the business world, at times, smaller businesses can miss big changes that might revolutionize the way the business can operate. Looking at B2B sales companies specifically, there are now app developers and different software options that can be used to optimize the businesses performance, here’s a look at four that could easily change their current operations.

Networking Event

It’s becoming easier to find career opportunities for all ages in every sector, browsing online helps narrow your search down to businesses with vacancies and you can view if the job specification matches to your needs. There are also recruitment agencies that help hunt down the perfect roles and help filter the search process.