4 A.I Technologies to Can Revolutionise Your Business

Thinking Cloud with a Light Bulb

Technology is continuously changing in the business world, at times, smaller businesses can miss big changes that might revolutionize the way the business can operate. Looking at B2B sales companies specifically, there are now app developers and different software options that can be used to optimize the business's performance, here’s a look at four that could easily change their current operations.



Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that can boost your writing productivity 5X. The content produced by this AI writing assistant is 99,99% original content. This web-based software tool uses GPT-3 technology created by OpenAI. Jasper uses an API  to access the algorithm. Check out this in-depth Jasper AI review for more info.



A simple A.I. that can remove a lot of the back and forth chat with clients manages meetings and creates schedules without needing to focus on it. X.ai is a personal assistant for everyone in the office, it has the ability to look at your schedule and other necessary parties to create meetings that benefit everyone’s daily routines. It’s a tempting A.I. to consider because it's easy to use, you can simply add X.ai to an email exchange with a client or colleague and it will advise on all the best options without you needing to look into it.



Nudge is an artificial intelligence that can give your business's sales team insights into clients. Using machine learning, it learns about news surrounding a targeted company by researching is social media updates, websites, and even individuals who work for the business. Nudge reduces research time and helps sales executives do their job with much more confidence, it can advise on who you should be asking for and who makes decisions regarding your interests. It’s an A.I. that can also be integrated with other software and slack bots such as Salesforce.



Helping B2B sales firms identify new, old, and potential customers' needs. People.ai is an artificial intelligence that can help businesses chase or focus on the right clients and help to prioritise companies with new needs, but also help to identify stale deals that may need refreshing. It can notify teams about when new sales deals need to be negotiated with clients and if negotiations aren’t working, People.ai can decipher problems with the offer and provide training and tips if necessary.


Crystal Knows

A beneficial A. I tool that works perfectly for sectors that deal with face-to-face business or cold contact. Crystal is a software that learns about selected people and creates a personality profile about them, using all the sources available such as social media and other web pages with their information is on After making the profile, it will recommend the language you should use with the client, face to face or on an email. Crystal even generates an email template with the language and tone suggested, this helps the client feel like you’re on the same page and you are of an equal level. With new client's especially, it’s a great tool, being able to build a natural rapport using similar language will help build a strong working relationship, it’s ideal to use as it only works as a guideline and you can alter anything you want if you find that something else would work better.


What’s making these technologies even more beneficial for business is that they aren’t taking away career opportunities, in B2B sales, there will always be the need for sales executives but these A. I’s are making their time more manageable to help the business thrive and become more profitable.


All these artificial options can work well in most business situations in a variance of different sized companies, they’re proven to optimize a business’s performance through efficiency. Researching them further will help you see the extra benefits that they can offer your business personally, as all these software’s can be altered to benefit your business needs.

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