Relocating to Aberdeenshire in 2021

Relocating to Aberdeenshire in 2021

It has come to the relief of the entire country that the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine roll out is starting. At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted the enduring global impact that the coronavirus outbreak would cause. We had to make sacrifices in our lives across a number of different areas, but one of the big turnarounds for a lot of office workers was the possibility to work from home.

The recent circumstances haven’t caused this to happen in isolation. A lot of experts in technology were predicting a move to online working for most of the last decade, but this has been the acid test to make it a reality for a lot of us. It hasn’t come without its teething problems, but the last few months have seen new working habits adopted up and down the country, across various industries.

Possibilities Across the Country

As the need for people to be in offices or co-working spaces dwindled over the course of 2020, many people looked at their home surroundings and decided that they wanted a change. After the initial lockdown in April, the UK housing sector saw a boom sustained by people looking to upgrade their home as somewhere they would be happier spending more time.

With people being less reliant on cities, we are likely to see an increase in demand for out-of-town housing for those who don’t have any other reason to be tied to a specific geographical location.

Aberdeenshire Appeal

In terms of desirable places to live, Scotland holds a lot of sway on the international stage. The country is frequently voted as being amongst the most beautiful in the world and residents can enjoy a high standard of living. If you were seriously considering coming North of the border, you could do a lot worse than Aberdeenshire and the surrounding area.

As beautiful as Scotland is, so it can feel a little overexposed and pricey. If you look at places in the so-called Central Belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh, you will find that your money doesn’t go quite so far. Look North, and you see that you get a lot more bang for your buck, plus these areas are generally less populated and give a greater feeling of being off the beaten track.

Rural Living with Home Comforts

What puts a lot of people off of getting out of the city is the lack of amenities that you can enjoy in a large town. What sets Aberdeenshire apart from other rural parts of Scotland is in is very moniker. The city of Aberdeen is a reasonably populated city, boasting everything that you could hope for as well as an international airport.

Many of the idyllic local towns that would be recommended by property experts are just a short drive from the city, meaning that they are connected without feeling that the city overburdens them with the things you might be looking to escape. If you are happy to go with country life, everything is there to enjoy. If you need to feel connected to civilisation, Aberdeen is just a short drive away.

Enjoying Countryside Pursuits

Buying a home in this part of Scotland leaves you with loads of different opportunities to enjoy yourself when you aren’t working. You are right on the doorstep of the Highlands and the Cairngorm Mountains.

The likes of Braemar are highly regarded hillwalkers destinations, so if you want to spend your weekends here ticking off the various Munros, be sure to read up on some of the expert information online! Aberdeenshire itself has a number of walking routes around the stunning north coast. Towns like Buckie and Peterhead are home to beautiful seaside scenery, not forgetting the Aberdeenshire Coastal trail, itself. If you’re looking for that change of scene, you should set your sights on Aberdeen.

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