Reasons Why ReactJS is Racing Up the Popularity Charts

Reasons Why ReactJS is Racing Up the Popularity Charts

Can you name the technology without which the programming world seems incomplete? What is the first name the crosses your mind? Java? Yes, 94.9% of websites use Java for building enchanting web apps and websites. Now you can imagine the potential Java holds. 

The imperative factor which is making this language successful and widely used is its frameworks and libraries. Java keeps on launching its new libraries and frameworks in the market which is transforming the way websites were developed and look.

ReactJS is one of the libraries introduced by Java which is currency racing up the popularity charts. The core feature of ReactJS is attention on individual components, it allows developers to break complex UI into more manageable components. Hence, you can also kick start your app or website development process by consulting an accomplished ReactJS website development service provider. Let’s discuss the reasons behind ReactJS’s popularity.

Astounding Reasons Behind Reactjs Popularity

Easy and simple to use

ReactJS is not just easy to learn but it can also be executed easily. It offers numerous variety of tutorials, documentation, and training resources. Every component in the ReactJS is a segment of UI which together build a complex and absolute UI. If developers are familiar with JavaScript then the ReactJS development process will become much easier and smooth. 

By making use of downward data flow, developers can directly work with components without affecting the parent data and at the same time can make changes to the child element. This speeds up and makes the development process more productive. 

Reusable Components

Using ReactJS, developers can develop web apps or Single Page Applications (SPA) with the help of reusable and independent components. ReactJS accelerates the development process as its components can be reused multiple times on the other pages of the app. 

For instance, an app like Instagram contains components like profile,  status, picture, feeds update, etc. A component picture or status further has options such as like, share and comment. Hence, this concept of reusable components makes React JS a tough competition.

Virtual DOM

User experience is the most significant part of any app or website that can’t be ignored at any cost. During the development procedure, the developers should carefully determine that how the app structure can influence the user experience. If you are using ReactJS then you don’t need to worry as it offers virtual DOM.

When you made any new changes it is shown in the virtual DOM without affecting your actual app. Once you gauge the changes, then that can be executed successfully to the real DOM. This will be going to result in an excellent user experience and better app performance.

Developer Tools

Working and exploring new technology always endorse developers as they have a new set of tools to design and debug. ReactJS offers a great set of tools that can be used for Firefox and Chrome. In the virtual DOM, you can examine, edit and evaluate properties and state of component hierarchy using these tools. Apart from this developers can trace the hierarchy of several components and can locate both child and parent components.

Massive Community Support

ReactJS has a large community that has millions of developers. Forums like StackOverflow where developers can ask their queries and code-level questions. Apart from this, there are many other online forums available where discussion about react future, best practices, application architecture, etc. can be done. 

Name of some of the popular reacts communities are DEV’s React Community, Spectrum’s React Community, React discuss, and so on. With such vigorous community support, developers can undoubtedly start with ReactJS and can build outstanding websites and apps. 

Final Thoughts

Now you must have gained the idea that opting for ReactJS can help you in achieving your goals tremendously. Many big giants like Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, Instagram are using ReactJS due to its exceptional performance and UI/UX. Hence, don’t think too much and hire a proficient ReactJS developer for your project. 

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