Protect Your Gums With Some Simple Home Remedies

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Today we will learn how to protect our gums with some simple home remedies. You gums hold a very important place in your body; they hold the teeth and allow them to function properly. Your overall health largely depends upon the health of your gums. Human gums are made of soft skin design that covers the bones of your teeth; the tissue forms a tight seal around your teeth and acts as a barrier to the bacteria.

But despite them being so important, your gums have always been the most neglected thing. Seriously, just think when was the last time you have done something about the health of your gums. You probably won’t remember because you have done nothing about this. Don’t put yourself at fault, as a majority of the people consider their gum healthy.

Following are some of the most common gum problems:

  1. Gingivitis: It is the mild version of periodontal diseases. A person suffering from this experiences swollen and red gum. The problem of gingivitis often caused because of diabetes, overage, smoking, stress etc.
  2. Periodontitis: In case you take gingivitis lightly, it will transform into more serious disease name as Periodontitis. It happens when the plaque starts spreading across the gum line. Patients suffering from this feel high irritation and inflammation on the affected part.
  3. Bad breath: This problem is really embarrassing, people suffering from this have a hard time talking to their loved ones or even going to any social gatherings. Regular brushing, flossing and eating healthy foods might help you to overcome this problem.

The major cause of all the above-mentioned gum problems is our poor oral hygiene that comprises, eating junk foods without proper brushing, smoking, eating tobacco and many more. We cannot expect our gums to be healthy without doing anything for it.

To solve the gum problems, people often visit dentists and trust us, this is the best way to treat your dental problems. A dentist knows everything about your mouth and would provide you the most accurate advice. But there are people who feel reluctant to visit a dentist, few are afraid of them (because of the pain factor) and few just cannot afford them (cost wise).

For those people, there are many home remedies following which you can effectively eliminate all your gum problems. So let’s discuss some:

  1. Baking soda: Let’s start with the toothpaste, we all know that baking soda is commonly used in toothpaste as it cleans your teeth properly and also refreshes your mouth. To overcome the gum diseases you’ll just have to mix some baking soda (approximately 2 spoons) with warm water and then apply it on your gums. To reduce the pain, you can also use your finger instead of a brush. Follow this method twice a day and soon you’ll find out a better result.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide: This is something you should all try given the circumstance that you do not have to swallow this. Using Hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, you can kill most of the bacteria inside your mouth which eventually benefits your gums. Also, make sure you only use it in a small amount.
  3. Oil pulling:  It is one of the most traditional ways to eliminate bacteria from your mouth. The regular use of it strengthens your teeth, reduces the formation of plaque and relieves you from bad breath.

Apart from this, having green tea can also do wonders for your gums, as it has antioxidants that reduce inflammation in your body.

By following the above-mentioned home remedies, you can easily overcome you gum problems without visiting any dentist. So don’t take you gum problems lightly and follow a good oral hygiene.

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