Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Web Development

Progressive Web Apps

Wave goodbye to the cost and efforts of separate web application development for every operating system out there just to reach your customer base. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are here to open up a whole new world of accessibility for you.

PWAs help you make your application accessible through mobile platforms regardless of their operating system. Be it Android or iOS, your customers would be able to make use of the interface and features you have carefully developed for use in mobile platforms by simply using a compatible browser.

This article will explore fundamental principles, capabilities, and the tremendous impact progressive web application development can have on your business.

What are Progressive Web Apps: Background and Implications


It was coined and created by Google designer Frances Berriman and developer Alex Russell, but it was Steve Jobs who first presented this concept during the first iPhone launch in 2007.

Although Google and Microsoft have been rival titans of the tech industry for decades, they put their differences aside for PWAs and collaborated. Apple followed suit and, in 2018, announced its support for the innovation.

What They Are

Progressive web app development gives the user access to an interface that is identical to that which can be obtained in an app but through web pages.

You can access the interface through any of the several popular compatible browsers without having to download the dedicated app. One step further from the mobile device-compatible web development services that we know of, below are the superior features they offer -

  • They can be made available offline and can work over low-quality networks.
  • Encrypted with regularly updated industry-standard security measures.
  • Allow for push notifications to engage the customers better and stay connected to them.
  • They don't take up space on your phone and update themselves automatically.
  • No App Store is required and they can be added simply through the URL.
  • They are independent of operating systems and will not need redevelopment even if a new OS breaks the market.
  • With your permission, they can access the camera, gallery, and geolocations making them indistinguishable from native apps.

A List of the Best Progressive Web Application Development Companies

Q3 Technologies

Q3 Technologies is a prominent choice for innovative technological requirements. Established in 1996, their over two decades of experience boasts an experienced and well-trained staff, efficient in delivering top-notch PWA development services. They offer an array of services, such as application services, business solutions, AI, product engineering, and data analytics.

The company has retained many renowned companies throughout the world as loyal clients, including Samsung, Panasonic, First Group, NIIT, HMEL, WHO, Compass and uses a customer-centric approach to create progressive web app customized to meet unique business needs.

Their USP -

  • Very professional and experienced team with deep industry expertise.
  • Reliable and high-quality product at a pocket-friendly cost.
  • Offer a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions which can be worked into the PWA.
  • Highly customizable design and development that can be integrated into legacy systems
  • Excellent post-development support


Infosys, established in 1981, is a top PWA app development company.

They provide various PWA development services, such as custom PWA designing, PWA app shell models, converting web to PWAs, native mobile performance, etc.

They have a lot of professionals and expert staff that can offer you consulting and the right strategies for your PWA development project.

Some of their popular clients include Bloomberg Media, The Economist Group, Madison Square Garden, Dow Jones, and Financial Times.

Their USP -

  • The app build and design are very customizable.
  • Experienced team with good synergy.
  • The quality of the PWAs they have built has been top-shelf and feature-rich.
  • Timely delivery of product.
  • A quick and reliable post-sale support staff.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is one of the most prominent web app development companies in India, known for their innovative and high-end technological solutions. Backed by a team of experts and highly qualified developers, they have successfully delivered many progressive web apps.

The experts at TCS are well-versed in and certified across many technologies and have a great track record of successfully completing PWA projects.

Some of their clients include Infineon Technologies, Deutsche Bank, American Express, JP Morgan, Neilson, and Walgreens.

What we liked -

  • Highly qualified developers
  • A strong foundation in PWA web app development
  • High standards of development for quality product delivery
  • A comprehensive repository for end-to-end PWA development
  • Create scalable apps that can support plugins

HCL Technologies

HCL is a well-known and trusted progressive web app development company. Their comprehensive suite of PWA development services can help you transform your website into the best digital experience.

A positive point of selecting companies with several years of experience for your development needs is that they have well-documented cases of the common problems in incorporating next-gen solutions into legacy processes.

Their client base includes many companies like The Boeing Company, MERCK & CO., A Fortune 500, and a Global Pharmaceutical Company.

Their USP -

  • Transparent process and communication
  • An experienced and highly efficient team of designers and developers
  • They deal with a broad spectrum of technological solutions
  • They craft progressive plugins tailored to align with specific business needs
  • The delivered products are easy to scale and accommodate both vertical and horizontal business growth.


Founded in 1945, Wipro is a globally recognized progressive web app development company based in India. They offer an array of services, such as application services, business solutions, AI, product engineering, and data analytics.

The quality of PWA development services they have delivered has shown impressive responses. In progressive web application development, Wipro has been able to deliver immersive experiences and functionalities similar to native apps. Their solutions are intuitive and defined by your specific business needs.

Wipro’s large client base includes Adobe, Amazon web services, Cisco, Microsoft, DataStax, and Industrial Internet Consortium.

Their USP -

  • Customizable design and development
  • Effective support through and after the development lifecycle
  • Hands-on migration assistance from legacy systems to PWA
  • Responsive customer support and regular maintenance.


Although it took time for them to be adopted into the mainstream, PWAs are quickly becoming how customers prefer to engage with online platforms.

According to a statistics published in businessofapps, app downloads over the last 3 years (2020 - 2023) have plateaued, with a good chunk of the downloads being only mobile games.

As such, progressive web app development can help businesses reach their customers more effectively and save you from the costs of development and maintenance of traditional apps.

To sum up, be it the time and cost of development, functionality, or user experience, PWAs are the way to the future. Consider the various features of our recommended companies and select what fits you best.

Please sit back and watch as they skilfully incorporate this brilliant upcoming technology and help you take a giant leap into tomorrow.

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