Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Buying a home can be a very tedious process, but it does not have to be that way. Many home buyers receive guidance from the results of pre purchase building inspections. Unfortunately, some home buyers never consider spending a few hundred dollars for a pre purchase building inspection before purchasing a home. By not doing a pre purchase inspection, buyers wrongly believe that they can save a few bucks and expedite the buying process. A pre purchase property inspection is necessary for five key reasons.

1. To Check Structural Issues

Purchasing a home that is structurally sound is a must. Nobody wants to live in a house that has safety issues and unnecessary costs. A weak structure can cause the entire building to collapse and injure people. More often than not, a weak structure can be very difficult or impossible to repair and require major construction.

Also, buildings need to be compliant with the Building Codes & Standards. If you bought a house that does not comply with the required standards, you'll have to pay out of pocket to bring your property up to standards. Otherwise, your only choice may be to tear the whole building down.

Get property inspections and save yourself from purchasing a home with structural issues. These issues will continue to plague you with major financial and emotional problems after the purchase.

2. To Determine Repair Costs

Some buyers purchase houses that require repair to save money. However, buying a fixer-upper house without getting a pre-purchase house inspection could mean unexpected expenses stemming from undisclosed mechanical issues. Additionally, getting an inspection will give you an idea on the what needs to be done to bring your property up to the standards. You can then hire a professional for an estimate on repair costs and determine if you'll be able to afford the repairs after buying the house. For fixer-upper properties, inspections mitigate both cost and worry.

3. To Check Proper Electrical Wiring and Smoke Alarm Installation

Another very important aspect to check before buying a house is the electrical wiring. Faulty wiring in the house can be very risky and fatal. It can cause electrocution and fire. Also, when getting property inspections Brisbane, you should install a smoke alarm. If the property has a functional smoke alarm, it is safeguarded from potential fire hazards. Thus, getting a pre purchase inspection is not only cost-effective but also a life saver.

4. To Determine Unsafe Areas of the House

If you are buying a house for yourself or for your family, chances are that you want to make sure that it is safe and ready to be occupied. Getting a pre purchase building inspection will uncover areas that are considered unsafe and other hidden health hazards. These can include presence of asbestos or other dangerous materials, loose or missing balustrades and unstable or compromised building foundation. Also, getting a pre purchase pest inspection will reveal any pest infestation in the building. Nobody wants to live in a house with beehives on the walls and ceilings. Knowing all of this prior to purchasing your house gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to take on all repair expenses or simply find another house. Knowing all these hazards before purchasing the house is even more important if you have kids living with you.

5. To Evaluate Sundry Structures

Aside from the building itself, sundry structures such as patios and sheds also need to be inspected prior to buying the property. Building regulations, which differ in every shire, mandate specific areas where these structures can be built. If the building does not follow the mandate, the local authorities may demand that these structures be torn down. Tearing these structures down or rebuilding them at the approved location can be very costly and time-consuming. It can be an even more devastating process if these structures are one of your reasons for buying the property.

Getting a pre purchase house inspection may sound as an added expense to your budget superficially. However, after considering what's written above, a deeper analysis yields that a pre purchase house inspection is one of the best investments you could ever make. Making sure that the house you are planning to buy is safe, requires no hidden repairs, and is compliant with building council regulations are absolutely important. Buying a house might be the biggest investment that you will ever make in your life. Making a choice can be very daunting, but with pre purchase inspection, it will be a breeze.

The inspection is just a very small price to pay to save you from making a huge financial mistake in your life.

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