Owning Your Happiness—Invest in an Indoor Playground

indoor playground

Owning an indoor playground franchise is a great way to help children develop while simultaneously improving your own quality of life. This billion dollar industry is ripe and ready for investment.   

American poet Criss Jami got it right when he said, "There is nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children. It doesn't even have to matter what they are laughing about." Listening to children laugh and play can soothe the soul and enhance your happiness.  

One way that people are starting to harness the laughter of children is by investing in indoor playground franchise concepts. Providing a safe, secure, clean place for children to play is an essential community service, and parents appreciate knowing that there is somewhere for their children to play while they relax.  

Owning an indoor playground allows you to capitalize on the huge children's entertainment industry. Emphasizing the power of play with your business is beneficial to the children

A Huge Industry

Children's entertainment is an enormous, money making industry. This $60 billion industry is not going anywhere, as the current generation increases its entertainment spending. Indeed, since 1960, average spending per child went up by 23%. Adjusted for inflation, general spending on children rose by over $200,000.   

Parents are spending more on their children in every category: education, healthcare, housing, and entertainment. Indoor playground franchise owners can harness that spending to their benefit. Owning an indoor playground where children can play and parents can relax can be a worthwhile investment in this huge industry.  

The Power of Play

In a world that emphasizes head start programs, early pre-schools, and rigorous standardized testing in schools, children are missing out on playtime. Research has showed that play is an integral part of children's development.

Some of the many positive things that play is attributed to include:  

  • Improved memory
  • Better self-regulation
  • Greater oral language
  • Advanced ability to recognize symbols
  • Easier adjustment in school
  • Increased social development
  • Improved literacy and other academic skills

Too often, children are missing out on play interactions with children of different ages, without adult intervention. Children need to be able to play together without adult oversight in order to learn empathy, problem solving, and other social skills. 

An indoor playground—especially one that does not have video or arcade games—can provide a place for this essential kind of play to occur organically. 

Harness Happiness

Studies have shown that people who own their own businesses are happier than those who do not. The independence of being your own boss and the freedom of making your own business decisions help people feel fulfilled in their careers. 

Investing in an indoor playground franchise is one way to harness the happiness of children and increase your own happiness. Indeed, investing in a business that caters to children is certainly an investment in your happiness. 

Starting a franchise has unique benefits that you might not get from starting your own business from the scratch. Franchise owners benefit from an established network of corporate agents and other franchise owners, whose expertise can help new franchise owners succeed. 

Additionally, a franchise can benefit from the support and resources that the larger network has to offer. Many franchisors have specialized teams to help the owners with real estate, marketing, technology, operations, and more. Franchisors also often have agreements with preferred vendors or contractors, which gets franchisees special discounts. Choosing a playground franchise that has perks such as these can really help you harness your happiness with your business. 

Dwindling play opportunities have children and parents scrambling for a safe, clean place to play and just be young. For someone looking for a franchise concept that the whole family can get behind, consider opening an indoor playground. 

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