Online Education-Widening the Scope of Education

Online education - widening the scope of education
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Ever since the concept of online education has hit the industry, the entire education sector has been taken by a storm. Introduced more than a decade back, today it is undoubtedly the popular and most preferred method of learning among not just students but teachers as well.

And why it has been so successful in creating waves all over? The reason is the plethora of benefits it offers. The advent of online learning has made things easier and within the reach of a commoner. The era of online has given a completely new meaning to learning and surely doing justice with the right to basic education.

The all-new hassle-free method of education has an edge over the conventional offline method. Wondering how? Let's step by step comprehend the advantages:

Online Vs Offline Education

1. Education at your fingertips
Online education provides an ease of studying from the comfort of one's home. Made available via portable devices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops, it lets you study from any part of the world. The very first idea of studying from any part of the world sounds not just interesting but cool too! Isn't it?

There are many students who are unable to seek higher education because of lack of good colleges/schools/institutions in their town. The talent of several such students goes wasted. Others are required to relocate to distant cities and towns to enroll in their preferred course at a good college/ university. This means shelling out on a lot of money.

Online education has solved this problem. Now, these students do not require relocating or compromising on their dreams.

2. Easy, Efficient & Engaging method
Students seeking online learning can choose their time of the study, the hours of study along with the place to study. This helps in managing the time better. Students have the choice to make their schedule as per their requirements. Online learning which is counted as an engaging method lends you the facility to access the lectures again in case you have missed one. This option isn't available with the offline classes.

Moreover, both students, as well as teachers, need not waste their valuable time on commute which is often one of the pre-requisites in case they are enrolled in offline classes. Online classes in this regard save a good amount of time and energy that could be put to a better use.

3. Study at your own pace
Offline classes have a set pattern. The teachers are required to complete the entire syllabus during a fixed number of classes. While they try to clear the doubts of the students during their lectures, there is a time constraint which cannot be ignored. They cannot go on and on with a single topic until the doubts of all the students are clear.

Also, many students are hesitant to ask questions during the classes. They try to match up to the pace of the class and move to the next topic even if the previous one did not make much sense. Such lectures are literally of no use.

To resolve this major issue, online education offers the ease of viewing the same lectures over and over again as it is mostly provided via video lectures that can be played several times during their validity period. Thus, students do not require moving to the next topic before being thorough with the current one.

4. Economical for students as well as institutes
Online learning is quite economical compared to offline classes that dig a hole in the pocket. It is all the more cost effective for those living in remote areas as they do not require relocating and shelling out additional charges on boarding and lodging.

It is also economical for the institutes as a lot of infrastructure cost is saved. So, they can invest all the money in improving the quality of education.

5. Increased Employment Opportunity
Besides offering innumerable benefits to the students, online learning has also increased employment opportunities for the teachers. Many highly educated and qualified teachers, who wish to serve the community for the betterment of society, can now contribute their share by delivering quality lectures & sharing their information.

Conclusion: With the proliferation of digital tools in today's digital era, the online learning has definitely provided every individual the three essential C(s) Cost, Convenience & Choice. The education industry which is at its best is now focusing on quality rather quantity & removing the old rote learning methods.

What do you think about it, do tell us in the comment section below!

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