How Online Coaching Helps You for Success in the IBPS PO Exam

Time is money. If you spend time wisely, you will get the most out of it. This is also true when you are thinking of preparing for the online ibps po exam. Join an online coaching institute if you wish to make the most of your time and become thoroughly proficient in all aspects of the ibps po syllabus and ibps po interview questions.

How does online coaching help?

All you need is a smart phone with internet connectivity. You can download the coaching institute app and get started by paying the subscription amount. Here is what you would get from a quality institute when you join for the ibps po exam training.

Moderate fees in comparison to brick and mortar coaching institutes
Comfortable study at your time, at your place and wherever you are
Previous years’ solved test papers
Model prelim exams and main test papers
Complete study material for ibps po syllabus
5000 practice questions on all subjects and chapters
Access to video lessons-you can view the video as many times as you want. You cannot ask a teacher the same question without making him lose his temper.
Access to a private tutor available 24x7
Doubt clearing sessions—you become perfect.
Personal strategy sessions with experts
Analysis of your performance in mock tests and sorting out weak points through personalized sessions
Mock interviews and training
Best of all—unlimited support until you pass the ibps po exam.

Joining an online ibps po coaching institute has several benefits. You are not constrained by time. You can launch the app whenever you have free time and study for 15 minutes or an hour or more. You can study when you are commuting. You can study each topic or any topic of the ibps po syllabus late at night.

One of the key benefits that past students have appreciated is that such specialized online ibps po coaching institutes have experts who give you tips and show you tricks on how to resolve questions with speed and accuracy. 

Another key advantage is that you have access to a tutor and mentor 24x7. Suppose you are studying in the morning or late at night and you have a question that you cannot resolve. You simply dial a number and your tutor responds promptly.

When you undertake online po mock tests then your mistakes will be recorded. Then you will receive assistance from a tutor to help you iron out deficiencies in specific areas.

Remember, for just one vacancy there are over 5000 candidates. You have to score the highest marks and you can achieve this only by becoming as perfect on all topics in all sections as is possible. This you can do only by joining an online ibps po coaching course.  You get full value for money and improve chances of success. The task is tough but when you have support from the best people in training, you can be reasonably sure of success.

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts IBPS clerk & IBPS PO exams each year to recruit candidates for nationalized banks across India. These exams are highly competitive and very tough. Until now the IBPS clerk and IBPS PO exam pattern followed a regular system of a common written exam followed by a personal interview. Only those candidates who had obtained the highest scores in the written exam were eligible for the interview. Scores in the interview also decided who would be selected for the posts.


However, from 2016 onwards, the IBPS clerk & IBPS PO syllabus and exam patterns have been revised. For 2016 the IBPS clerk & IBPS PO exams will be held in December. The common written exams are now totally online. Knowing more about the latest ibps clerk & ibps po syllabus will help you prepare accordingly.


IBPS Clerk syllabus and exam pattern

The ibps clerk exam syllabus, in general has remained almost unchanged but the ibps bank clerk exam pattern has changed. Instead of a single exam, candidates have to appear for a preliminary exam and, if they pass this, they can be eligible for the final written exam. This is followed by a personal interview for highest scoring candidates. 

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