Noises in Your Roof? Sort It During Your Spring Clean

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Spring is finally here, and with Spring comes a good old Spring clean! The start of the new season is the perfect time to do a thorough clean around your home and garden and tick off items on that ever-growing to-do list.

Cleaning out the garage and garden shed, giving the mattresses an air out, dusting out the very back corners of cupboards, and giving the gutters a good thorough clean should all be on your list of spring cleaning items.

What else should you clean in the spring clean?

Aside from the usual spring clean tasks, it’s also a good time to think about other uncommon maintenance jobs around the home. For example, loose gate latches, an unsteady letterbox, or perhaps some noises in your roof cavity that needs to be addressed.

If you do have noises in your roof, you’ve probably experienced some sleepless nights listening to chirping, scratching, scurrying, and other unsettling sounds.

The source of these noises is most likely birds, mice, insects, or other pests calling your roof cavity home. And although it’s nice for them to be out of the cold, it’s not so nice for you and your family to have to tolerate it.

As well as being a general disturbance, these unwanted critters have the potential to spread harmful diseases as well as ticks and fleas, and can also damage your home from their chewing and scratching.

These pests will often set up a nest or home with items already in your roof, so you may find your belongings will also experience some degree of damage.

You’ll also find your roof covered in excrement, further damaging your belongings and your home. All of these issues can seriously damage the value of your home and put your family at risk.

What to do if you have noises in your roof

Pests nesting in your roof is an annoying issue to have for sure, but one that can be easily solved with the right help.

The quick solution is to call in pest control specialists to remove the immediate issue. However, this will not stop unwanted guests from nesting in your roof long term.

To eliminate these critters for good, you need a solution that will prevent them from returning.

Look for an experienced leader in gutter protection solutions in your local area, and ask about customized gutter plans that the offer. Many of these companies can also provide you with a customized bird proofing and pest proofing solution to eradicate pests from nesting in your roof for good.

This service can be different for all customers, depending on your needs. From bird spikes to gutter mesh, and blocking all nooks and crannies that the pests have used as entry points into your roof, a professional team will keep your home pest-free.

It generally consists of a synchronized, coordinated, and systematic procedure to address the issue. This involves a number of steps including:

  • Firstly, checking to ensure that there are no birds in the roof prior to installation.
  • Assess the options for a complete gutter guard solution, considering your home size, shape, roof material, location among other things. Install gutter guard ensuring it’s made from high quality and durable materials.
  • Specific covering, bird spikes, and other measures are added to beams and perching areas.
  • A screening of the roof gutter is undertaken, to ensure there are no flaws in the protection system.

Addressing these issues is often an element of home improvement that is forgotten until it's too late. So get yourself a personalized gutter guard and pest proofing plan to improve the security and the health of your home. 

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