No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65

no exam life insurance for seniors over 65

There is various coverage Insurances on the market, there is a different kind of Insurances depending on the age and the coverage premium amount and there are medical examinations which affect the coverage costs highly.

Now, qualification for Insurance is a must, now many Insurers have made medical exam on the policies of the term of life that include death benefits which can rise up to 250,000$.

No exam life insurance for seniors ensures over 65 that it provides easy application process and getting high approval rates, now you can easily apply for this application either on the phone or online. No exam Insurance has high quality and speed service as being accepted requires no time, waiting for a few minutes instead of waiting for days or weeks.

Basically, seniors over 65 look for term life insurance which is the most popular one among seniors. However, whole life insurance is another good option. It completely depends on your need and your financial planning. You may feel confused which is appropriate for you. To find more about the types of life insurance for seniors over 65, check this post

How to Choose the Right Insurance Company

There are many criteria or strategies to depend on while choosing the right company, there are keys for having the right choice

Affordability: Most of the market nowadays have very expensive Insurance with no exam compared to that of with test insurance, so depending on the price and the service you gain you must find affordability which is the hardest part for the Insurance without an exam.

Reliable company: Knowing the company’s history very well along with their payment, and the economic conditions and financial stability of the company, and if there are any problems regarding their payments to the clients.

Awareness of Some Insurance Policies

Some companies make some ads on the TV and offering tempting offerings and sounds too good to be real, applying for these companies without reading the fine print may have bad consequences on your savings, as many of these companies sponsor whole life Insurance policy which increases every five years, so It can eat away your savings, It will end up cancelling the policy.

Going into an exam for insurance might get save you a lot of money, If you have a good health don’t mind being checked for medical conditions then go for It as It is a greet money saver.

Burial Insurance: Undergoing procedures with burial insurance bear in mind that Insurance under 25,000 $, will often be put under the category of a simplified issue as the majority of companies will use this category for under 25,000 $ Insurance payments. Which means that It will not have full coverage of the burial It will cover a slight amount of the burial cost, while nowadays the average burial costs are about 7,000$.

Under the age of 70 Insurance

People who haven’t retired yet and still need coverage temporarily, then term Insurance is the best option, there are some factors to think about when going for an Insurance for a senior, as the age affect the premium payment, the older you get the more you pay, also for new parents the policy of this term varies from one Insurance company to the other. So get to the market get to the best options call Insurance agents to get the best deals. However, you have the opportunity to look for the plans online. You can get quotes and try to find out the plan by your own.


People believe that purchasing life insurance for senior is impossible and financially not suitable. But, they are completely wrong. There is no limit of age to purchase a life insurance. Just make sure, you have the perfect planning.

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