Necessary Control Valve Tricks to Create a Maintenance Plan

Necessary Control Valve Tricks to Create a Maintenance Plan

Learn why timely maintenance should be part of upkeep for any homeowner who wants to ensure their property remains safe and sound! In a pipeline system, maintenance is necessary every 2-3 months. This is because the proportional flow control valves are mechanical devices that need to be examined manually except installed once and left to operate.

Control valves are essential for keeping many industrial processes running smoothly. Routine maintenance is crucial to preserve these valves' lifetime and avoid unexpected failures. We go over some crucial proportional flow control valve tips in this post to assist you in coming up with a maintenance strategy. Sp to avoid hindrances involved give, read the maintenance plan shown below.

Plan Routine Inspections: 

Routine inspections assist in spotting possible problems before they get worse. Make sure that these inspections are conducted by a trained technician, and schedule them at least once a year.

Examine the Actuator: 

Actuators are in charge of moving the proportional flow control valve stem and regulating fluid flow. Make sure the actuator is operating correctly, and grease it frequently.

Regular Cleaning:

Regularly clean the valve to prevent dirt and debris from building up and interfering with its correct operation. This may be avoided by routine cleaning, which will also increase the valve's lifespan.

Replace Worn Components: 

Over time, the valve parts may deteriorate and require replacement. Keep extra components available to reduce downtime while repairs are being made.

Valve Calibration: 

Valve calibration is necessary to ensure the valve is correctly regulating fluid flow. For safety-critical applications, this is especially crucial.

Regular Checking:

Regularly checking the functionality of the proportional flow control valve will allow you to see any alterations in the flow rate, pressure drop, or other crucial metrics. The valve's performance can be enhanced by using this information to alter it.


Your maintenance crew should get training on the appropriate ways to maintain and repair control valves. This will make it easier to ensure that maintenance is done correctly and that the valves operate at their best.

Why Do Valves Need Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is needed if the surrounding environment of the valve is polluted or dirty. It would be best to clean the proportional flow control valve internally and its external surface. For this purpose, you may use a brush or towel to clean the outer surface of the valve. These practices will reduce the overall downtime and increase the efficiency of your valve, which is further suitable for its longevity.

Types of Maintenance:

Whether it is domestic or industrial valve maintenance, there are possibly three kinds of procedures that are carried out:


Preventative Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Last Words:

Proportional flow control valves are a crucial part of industrial operations and must be maintained regularly to maintain their longevity and best performance. You may design a successful maintenance schedule that will assist in keeping your valves in peak condition by adhering to the essential control valve tips in this article.

The hydraulic power industries use electronic flow control valves on a massive scale. They may be configured to react to specific situations and give greater flexibility and precision in managing water flow. They are more costly and sophisticated than mechanical valves. Extensive irrigation systems, commercial or institutional settings, HVAC systems, and other applications requiring precise flow control are all suited for them.

However, electronic water flow control valves also have some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that they are more complex than mechanical valves and can be more challenging to repair or replace. This can make them less suitable for some applications, such as in rural areas where access to repair services may be limited. 

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