Mount Batur Trekking In Bali Before Sunrise - 9 Things One Should Expect And Get Ready For


We love Bali to get a sheer number of reasons its beautiful beach clubs, serene rice paddies, delicious Balinese cuisine, therapeutic body massages and more. Nevertheless, the highlight of our recent visit to Bali was the strenuous trekking in Mount Batur - an active volcano located 1,717 meters above sea level - where we caught a beautiful sunrise in your entire lifetime.

Similar to other travelers, we wanted to trap the fantastic sun rising through the horizon which meant there were to start out our ascent at an unearthly 4 am in complete darkness. Armed with nothing but a mini torchlight, we navigated our high the unpaved mountain. The path was extremely steep and narrow, and that we urge those being affected by Scott phobia and acrophobia to concentrate twice.

But trust us, our prime from watching the stunning sunrise is totally well worth the physical pain. From sacrificing sleep, hiking in pitch darkness to wearing appropriate clothing.

Here are 9 Things You Ought To Expect and get ready for When Mount Batur Trekking Before Sunrise.

It Is Tough Instead Of For Everyone

We don't want to offer you false hopes and are convinced that the hike is easy given it really isn't. Your entire trek covers approximately 12.5 kilometers plus it would take better than a couple of hours to succeed in the summit. Getting down the mountain is a lot more challenging as the descent is seen as slippery scree fields, broken rock fragments, and steep inclinations.

Another hiker inside our group quit midway and she or he would have been a fit yogi, mind you. Evidently, stamina is not the only prerequisite - those who find themselves scared of darkness and heights must overcome their fears too.

Sacrificing Sleep Is Mandatory

We exited Ubud at 2.30am and started our move at 4 am. Those moving into Uluwatu, Kuta or Sanur region should leave at 1.15am, 1.30am, and 1.45am separately. We propose you own an early night (sleep later in the day) so that you will are rested to the exhausting trek.

You Will Be Hiking In Darkness

You might be climbing up a dynamic volcano, in fact, so don't expect lampposts to light up your pathway. There isn't a good pathway, firstly... Take along a handy torchlight along with you just in case your tour guide has no torches.

Take The Proper Attire

Try not to give Bali's a chance to warm and moist atmosphere trick you. Temperatures do plunge amid sunrise so our proposal is that you pack the light jacket. Don't overdress though - the bottom line is to layer! You are bound to break into beads of perspiration, therefore we recommend wearing a tank top and two long pants. It is best to conceal your legs in the event you fall and scrape your legs.

Needless to say, for your own safety, please wear comfortable trekking or running shoes. Every other footwear shouldn't be considered.

Search For For A Sky Brimming With Stars

Walking endlessly for just two hours in darkness isn't only physically draining but mentally challenging too. Each time you are bored through your wits or get almost reaching the saturation reason for exhaustion, look up and gaze at the numerous twinkling stars! That should help keep you going and may make the hike worth the while.

Watch Your Footing Or Risk Falling

While you proceed further into the hike, you may understand that the bottom gets looser and slopes get steeper. Do make your footing as you wrong step you could end up dire consequences. Falling while making your path down the steep and slippery slopes is actually common - yes, we fell.

Follow Your Local Guide Closely

The countless operating tour groups may cause confusion when you turn up on the peak of trekking in Mount Batur. Follow your tour guide closely or you may lose him/her in the sea of folks. The thing you don't want that occurs shall be stranded alone and battle to get where you're going back, especially when you will find multiple routes to descend.

Stay Away From Nature Monkeys

Wild monkeys are aplenty and while they will often look adorable, please keep from provoking them. These creatures, however tiny, have been very aggressive - some actually attempted to attack the hikers that had bananas using them. Do take extra precaution if you’re carrying food.

Spend Some Camera Along With You

The view from up above is certainly one so incredibly stunning and unbelievably gorgeous, but you would want some pictures for memory keepsake. But we'd say bring along a compact one that won't weigh you down.

These were 9 things we have to remember while trekking in Mount Batur and have to be prepared for it So that we do not have any problem while trekking and we can enjoy.

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