Minimalist Look - Trends to Watch for in 2018


Girls, it's about time to talk about new trends for that are going to be huge this year! Finally something just perfect for each and every one of us; a simple, affordable look is back, and it is a great base for showing off your style through decorative accents. Here are some tips and tricks on how to achieve the minimalistic look and be on trend in 2018.

When it comes to clothes, just keep it simple. Nothing too complicated, but don't opt for only black or white pieces. Stick with minimalistic principles but make your own combination to show off your sense of fashion and your stylishness. And remember, if you feel good wearing it, it will look perfectly suitable for you.


Edgy classic pieces

The best way to stay minimalistic when picking out clothes is to opt for classic pieces that are a bit edgy. Choose pieces that are simple, easy to mix and elegant, like a classic shirt with intriguing details such as exposed shoulders. Mixing a classic button-down with oversized sleeves with a navy pair of pants is a perfect, elegant combination, which you can complete with largely sized earrings, a small white clutch, and white shiny boots. 



Colorful pieces of unique outfits 

It is very important to find colors that suit you and that can be mixed with other pieces you have in your wardrobe. It is the best to opt for a neutral palette, to have black and white pieces as well as navy or gray, with just a few colorful items, for example, a strong red pair of pants or a green silk shirt. 

In that case you can combine the shirt with many items and achieve a different look every time - in combination with a leather mini skirt and black boots it creates a perfect edgy party look while wearing your green silk shirt tucked in in a pair of oversized mom jeans in combination with white running sneakers is a perfect every day outfit.


Downsizing is the key

Also having one statement piece of clothing is a great way to reduce the number of clothes you own (that you don't really need) as long as you plan various combinations and buy only the pieces you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. You should downsize you the number of clothing items if you really want to stick with minimalistic trends. You can donate your clothes or you can become a part of sustainable fashion projects and recycle(such the H&M's one, where you will get a 15% discount coupon whenever you donate your clothes to their recycling program) to help keep out planet clean. 

Makeup trends usually change drastically from year to year, and most of us have our own ways of applying makeup that we stick with. But in 2018 you should step out of your comfort zone and follow these new makeup trends since they are all about emphasizing your natural beauty. No more too much makeup, these new trends are all about the light look, which makes them perfect for the hot summer ahead.


Feathery brows

Great news for all of you not big fans of makeup, 2018 is all about the natural look. The thick, blocky brows are a thing of a past (thanks, makeup gods, I was really bad at drawing them) and clean, brushed up brows are taking over. It will save us a lot of time on the makeup routine for sure.


Colorless lips

Also, glittery lips are a new hottest trend that is gaining popularity really fast. No more glittery highlighter girls, the glitter is reserved for the lips. Grab a clear lip balm or gloss and put it on, on the go. The newest trend is really going to simplify our lives.


Big eyes and long lashes

False eyelashes are taking up our time, and truth be told, putting them on is kind boring. The newest craze is definitely thick, long and curly lashes and natural makeup look. The lash extensions are taking over so what are you waiting for, throw away your old mascara and put an accent on your eyes. Add glittery lip-gloss on your lips ad your makeup is all set!


Glossy eyes

Opt for a glossy eyeshadow to instantly give your classic makeup look a modern and edgy update. Choose neutral shades, peanut butter color to emphasize blue and green eyes and rosy or peachy shade for the darker eyes. With this glossy eyeshadow, you won't need anything else.

Including these simple new minimalistic trends into your beauty routine and in your wardrobe with edgy pieces of clothes is going to make you stylish and fabulously trendy. Feel free to experiment just keep it simple. And the most important, have fun doing it!

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