Microsoft Dynamics Axapta for General Ledger and Purchase Orders

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta for General Ledger, Point of Sale, Requisitions & Purchase Orders

The Dynamics Axapta ERP by Microsoft is breaking new grounds. After having proven how good it is for conventional functionalities such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources etc. it is being used for certain uncommon businesses such as General Ledger, Point of Sale, Requisitions & Purchase Orders and with these too it is demonstrating great success.

Axapta offers diverse functionalities that help ease up on day to day tasks, automate manual chores and infuse agility into work. These functionalities can be understood in depth at the time when your Microsoft Dynamics Partner comes over for an implementation during which every feature and functionality related to your work will be explained comprehensively for you to get accustomed to them.

MS Dynamics Axapta for General Ledger offers the functionalities given below:

1. It helps define and manage the legal entity’s financial records.
2. It facilitates a flexible setup of accounting periods.
3. It accounts for a fast and reliable year-end procedure.
4. It offers functionalities to setup multiple budgets and formats.
5. It offers features for journal approval procedures and recurring journals.
6. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta facilitates validation prior to posting.
7. It helps allocate based on percentages for accounts and dimensions.
8. It also offers an extensive tax module to facilitate various types of tax calculations and reporting.
9. It helps generate closing transactions and prepare accounts for the upcoming fiscal year.
10. It offers the consolidation functionality, which helps combine financial results for several subsidiary legal entities into results for a single, consolidated organization.
11. It offers tools to forecast cash flow and currency requirements in order to estimate future cash needs.

MS Dynamics Axapta for Point of Sale offers the functionalities given below:

1. It helps retailers operate faster and smarter across their organizations.
2. It helps achieve deeper customer loyalty besides helping maintain a competitive edge.
3. It helps stay ahead, improve agility and drive customer centricity as core values.
4. Axapta offers to specialty retailers a single unified solution with capabilities in Store Management, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Point-of-Sale and Finance in order to be more productive.
5. It also helps scale fast in order to expand into other retail channels as well as multiple global sites all the while staying in front of demand.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta for Requisitions & Purchase Orders offers the functionalities given below:

1. It helps manage direct and indirect procurement of goods and services through the software’s Procurement & Sourcing functionalities.
2. It enables workers to browse through online catalogs to order goods on a day to day basis.
3. It helps vendors operate effectively by helping perform a myriad online tasks such as updating profile data, requesting additional users, requesting for the expansion of the scope of their offering, uploading catalog content, submitting invoices, reviewing payments and more.
4. It helps import, create, edit, publish, stage and search for catalogs of items for internal consumption or for that matter punch out directly to the vendor catalog.
5. It helps create a virtual workplace for category managers to manage overall spending category wise, which would be on the basis of requisition aggregation utilization or work queue management or category management or some other procurement functionality through a comprehensive procurement based Role Center.
6. It helps establish a centralized procurement desk capability across the organization to support procurement policies and processes.
7. It helps set up and maintain one or more different purchasing policies and subsequently apply them to various sets of requisitioners across the length and breadth of the organization.

Axapta is good for all of these mentioned above and Companies involved in these should consider implementing it seriously. They will do best by contacting their nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner for further inquiries.

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