Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness

Content marketing

Content marketing is part of the business in a digital world that is necessary to achieve success on the market. If you want your business to be better than others, you won’t make it without a good content marketing strategy. Its importance in the business world today is huge. Also, to keep that content marketing on the highest level, you’ll need to constantly improve the strategy.

In this article, we’ll show you how to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and how you can find out is that strategy successful. Measurement is carried out in several different steps. If you want to get the most accurate results of a campaign, you shouldn’t miss out on any of the following steps:

  • Traffic on the website
  • Presence on the social media
  • Leads and conversion rates
  • Number of subscribers
  • CTR (Click-Through rates)

To bring you closer to each step and to see how they are implemented, we’ll lead you through those steps. Each of them will be explained and hopefully, this article will help you.

Traffic on the Website

For this measurement attribute, Google’s tool Google Analytics will help you more than you think. We can say that this tool is a must-have in any business that owns a website. We learned how much is that important in our Paldesk startup and you should definitely implement it. It provides data about your website like pageviews, bounce rates, average time spent on the site, etc. All this information and data helps you to find opportunities to boost your business. Also, it keeps you in trends about your niche. When using Google Analytics, you should investigate key metrics that we already talked about.

  • Pageviews – this metric refers to the number of users that look at the particular part of the content on the site. As well, it includes information about how many times did that customer looked that content and what percentage of total views want to that content.
  • Bounce rates – this shows how many visitors left the site without any action made. The more bounce rate on the site, the worse it gets for your business. It is also caused because of bad content or bad CX. Check out how to reduce bounce rate on your WordPress site (How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your WordPress Site?).
  • Average time spent – this metric sums up the name of the metric itself. It gives you information about the average time spent on the site. By that information, you can see whether the visitors engaged with your site and content or not. When you consider this metric, you need to have in mind type of the content you evaluate. It’s not the same to evaluate the video of 30 seconds and a blog of 2500 words.
  • Value of the page – this metric refers to the approximate value of the content on the page where visitor landed before proceeding to the wanted page.

Presence on the Social Media

Social media for business really caused huge hype in the digital transformation. Most to businesses focus on social media because they see it as the best way to attract customers. Also, lots of businesses decide on buying followers on all kind of platforms. But, you can’t buy likes, comments and shares. So, you should create content that customers can engage. As well, content needs to drive them to share your content on their social media profiles. This allows you to find out if your content is relevant and helpful to your customers.

Posting content on social media will hardly cause an explosion, so don’t expect that your content will give you great results in the first few posts. Growing on the social media goes sequentially. Therefore, it takes time to gain followers. There are tools that help you to track your engagement and overall success on social media. 

A decision about social media presence is not that easy as it probably seems. You need to research your audience on different platforms. Not every platform will provide the same results. Hence, you need to bring the right decision about the platform you’ll use.

Leads and Conversion Rates

In this metric, strategy shows its worth and how effective it is. Leads are generated by visitors that subscribe to your mailing list or filling out contact forms. Both of these metrics are usually tracked with Google Analytics.

Furthermore, we still have conversion rates to clarify. This metric shows how many visitors who clicked on your ad did actions that will transform them into leads or sales. Conversion rates are a very good way of presenting marketing success and ROI of campaigns.

It makes sense that higher conversion rates will result in better numbers, but if you don’t reach some of your goals, don’t panic. This is a strategy that takes time to achieve its potential. Track the results through months or quarters and you’ll see the improvement. Increased data will help you to find what more you need to improve to increase conversion rates.

One simple way of boosting leads and conversion rates is hiring an influencer. Yes, it costs lots of money, but the results will most probably be much better.

Number of Subscribers

The reason for writing blogs is to attract new users and make them subscribe to your blogs. This is you how to extend the audience and bring more people to your site. Why are subscribers good metric of your content marketing? Well, if they came on your site and subscribed it means that your content is relevant and well-created. As well, if they subscribe they want to be up-to-date with your posts. This is definitely one good way to find out how others react on your content.

Focus on a goal to turn the visitors into subscribers and keep on improving your content to bring more subscribers to your list. Write and post often, about 2 times a week to keep them updated, but don’t overpost. Subscribers might find it annoying and leave your subscribers list. You need loyal members. Also, if you keep on sharing your content and your list of members is the same all the time, or worse, it decreases, it means that your strategy is bad. Try to find what are the mistakes in your strategy and resolve them to achieve the success you want to achieve.

Click-Through Rates

This is the ratio that shows how much people clicked on your links on ads compared to the people that could have clicked on it. This ratio shows you how relevant is your campaign for a particular category. If the CTR is low, it represents a negative response from the audience. Therefore, content is not relevant to the category. But, if it’s higher it means that the audience found it useful.

CTR is usually measured by different tools and platforms. Again, you can use Google Analytics or on social media, you can measure it there. This helps you to improve the strategy which will lead you to the success of the campaign.

What it Takes to Measure the Effectiveness of Content Marketing

So, when you’re creating a content marketing strategy, you need to set the metrics that will help you measure if the whole strategy is effective. Five key metrics to measure the effectiveness are the traffic on the site, social media presence, leads and conversion rates, subscribers and CTRs. Each of them needs to be measured well. Hence, insights for mistakes and potential improvements will be better.

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