Marketing In The New Media

Marketing In The New Media
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Many people are subscribers to at least one of these streaming platforms – Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Could the reason be that digital devices have the power and mobility (of size) to bring programmes to the consumers? There is now little distance between viewer and device.

Furthermore, with the global success of Netflix’s The Squid Game, which is in the Korean language, and yet to be shown in the movie theatres, almost everybody is walking with a portable cinema cum word processor. With the further explosion of Tiktok, everybody can create short music videos that incorporate relatable narratives, short music anthems and some light shuffling.

So how can companies present their corporate brand and narratives using these platforms?

Here are some suggestions:

Corporate Story-telling:

Netflix normally produces a series with 5 episodes of 50 minutes each. This provides a rough template of how a company can commission a private film company to produce a Netflix-ready mini-series about the founding of the company till its current success. This is also a good opportunity to boost corporate recruitment and to gain new customers. However, this idea must have the support of everybody across the organisation thus even the planning and strategizing of the massive project can also be filmed and used as a training video.


Companies can brainstorm a catchy dance or jingle and create a Tiktok or Twitter trending exercise. It should have a memorable tune with a simple, professionally-choreographed dance that caters to people of all ages. One suggestion is to go to a retail area and spend a few hours interviewing customers and asking questions about their positive experience with the company. This can then be made into a short Tiktok montage of about 3 minutes. With the proper preparation and professional execution, the company’s corporate brand will have an indelible positive impression which cuts across different generations and cultures.

Short Reality TV Programme:

Everybody loves a reality TV programme that shows their favourite retail organisation under the public bright lights. The programme can showcase the search for a senior vice-president of marketing and the public will be encouraged to join the show. The reward? Well, a job in your organisation and training perks. In the midst of the Covid pandemic, getting a stable and well-paying job will be a definite draw for many to want to participate. It is obvious that those participants who did not make the cut will also be given opportunities of working in other positions or be brand ambassadors. Thus this idea is a win-win for all.


The global reach of e-gaming has reached gigantic proportions. E-gaming has now hooked the attention of people from all generations and cultures. It has become a very big industry that is able to draw a large audience on various platforms. In addition, with the slow global roll-out of physical shopping, many families choose to keep their activity online and this includes e-commerce, online movies and e-gaming.

Organisations can be much more creative and bid for their products and services to be incorporated into the narratives of e-games. Research has shown that this form of advertising has a stronger stickiness as compared to other traditional outdoor billboards. Thus the advertising dollar is more efficiently utilised and can solidify brand awareness, especially to the Gen Zers.

Innovative and Eco-friendly Competitions:

Lastly, globalisation has allowed competitions to be played amongst different people and nationalities without leaving the comfort of the computer keyboards. Furthermore, 5G and better computer processing can allow players to have a virtual and realistic competition experience without adding too much to the carbon footprints of each participant.

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