Make Your Rented Flat Feel Cosy

Cosy interior

It doesn’t matter whether we live in a rented property or in our own home, there is always the need to feel cosy and warm. After a long day we want to go to our homes where we will be able to fully rest and re-energise. The thing is that our homes are not just for looking at, they are also for living in. A truly cosy home is one that suits your needs and invites your friends and family in.

Add Some Greenery

It doesn’t have to be much, just enough to bring life and freshness in your home. It is like an unwritten rule of cosiness,not only because your home will look more beautiful but they will also clean the air. And that is something very important during the colder months, because keeping the windows open for longer periods of time is not that good as an option. Moreover, having fragrant plants in your home is a great way to naturally scent your rooms. If you think that you may not be able to properly take care of them, you can simply buy succulent plants, as they are easy to maintain.

Keep Your Home Clean

The feel of tidiness and lack of clutter is one thing that is in common amongst the ideas of cosy homes. If you are a renter then you are obligated to preserve the property’s condition so that when you leave you can get your deposit back. Also, landlords tend to visit and make checking ups, so, keep your home clean and surprise them pleasantly. Having in mind that in fact this home is not yours can motivate you even more to keep it pristine clean. One day, when the time comes and you decide to leave this property, do not forget about the required move out cleaning, as it is essential so you do not lose your deposit.

Pillows Everywhere

Pillows are soft, fluffy and make you want to cuddle. You can put them on the kitchen chairs for sitting or putting your feet up, on the living room floor for sitting. They really make a difference and can absolutely transform the looks of your bed and couch. Choose them in warm colours and textures, find what makes you feel best.

Hang Paintings and Pictures

Bringing additional warmth and sentimentality in your home is another way to feel homely. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you’ve made or bought. There are no rules what to put on your walls, just keep it personal. A great idea is to put your kid’s drawings or family pictures which bear delightful memories and stories. There should be a fine line between cosy and cluttered.

The Natural Way

You don’t have to follow the trends to achieve the warm feeling to which you strive. It doesn’t matter that last year rose gold was a modern colour, and this year will be another one, find what best meets your views. Like natural materials such as bamboo, stone and wood. It isn’t necessary to go too far with these things and buy expensive furniture because you can use simple items like vases, coasters and frames. They can do the trick, plus, you already have some flowers in the room. You only need some touches to evenly add to the whole picture of your preferred homestyle.

Throw Blankets

Covering your sofa with soft and fluffy blanket will surely do more than to keep you warm. Choose the blankets in warm colours and place them on your favourite seating area. This way your chair or couch will look even more inviting. Furthermore, you can change the light bulbs to more warmer glow. In your living room you can have multiple light sources - brighter ones for larger gatherings, small ones for more intimate meetings. Add table lamps and you will give a big room a sense of scale.

The things you love should take the center place in your home. Your homestyle should primarily reflect who you are and the rest will fall into its place as time passes. Having a home that is both inviting and lingers in the minds of your guests makes it an enjoyable place.

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