Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Cooling Tower in Perfect Condition

Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is a machine, which is used to get rid of the heat that utilizes water to route the unnecessary heat into the environment. The basic principle on which the cooling towers work is that heat is removed with the help of water by evaporating a small amount of water and then re-circulated through the unit to cool it down. According to the science, when the hot water is mixed with cooled air, there is a release of latent heat of vaporization, which will ultimately lead to the cooling effect of the water. If we observe in daily life, they are used in a refrigerator as the main component and also found to be used in many chemical industries or power plants.

The proper care should also be done as to obtain its effective use and function properly. The main problem occurs in the winter season when a temperature of the atmosphere lowers a lot. As this will lead to the formation of the ice on it which effect negative impact and damage the structure of the cooling towers. Tips to be considered to maintain a cooling tower are mention below:

  • Physical Inspection 

Physical inspection- It is necessary to inspect and check the infrastructure of the cooling towers and check it visually also. It will give you the major idea about the damage of the cooling tower and where it needs attention for maintenance.

  • Maintaining Gear Drives

Maintaining gear drives- Gear drive is one of the chief parts of the cooling tower on which its working is dependent. Its examination is done precisely to check the functioning and its operations. Sometimes, expert professionals are required to maintain them.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the cooling tower is one of the major parts of its maintenance. This is done generally with disinfectants and done at least four or three times annually to maintain its purity and proper functioning.

  • Water Level 

As water is the main part, which is used to cool down the heat produced; the level of the water is also kept in mind and checked regularly. It will not only conserve water but also helps to maintain the cooling tower.

  • Lubrication

Fan shaft bearing needs to be lubricated every third month. This will help reduce the friction between them and easy movement of the shaft. We can also use the modified technology of automatic oiling and greasing. This will reduce the labour cost as well as save time and money.

  • Lock and Switches 

Before operating the cooling, all the switches and fuses should be checked every time. Along with the switches, locks should also be checked for any leakage. It is advised to be there while operating the machine. Things can be handled if they go out of control by cutting the power supply.

Above mentioned points should be kept in mind while maintaining the proper and safely functioning of the cooling towers. It is important to improve our technology so that minimal damage to the environment is caused. The life is mankind is important above all.

Why Do You Need To Invest In Cooling Tower?

As the term suggests in itself cooling towers are the water cooling systems that are installed in industries to lower water temperature. If you are thinking of setting up an industry and have not given a thought to waste temperature handling, you must reconsider. Operating temperature is a crucial aspect which decides the quality of the final good and it ensures proper working of machinery as well. If you visit industries, especially, thermal industries, you will see hi-tech cooling towers are installed to cool down the heat generated.

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