Looking to Buy a $100 Gift? Here are 5 Gift Ideas You Can Get!

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Attending an event soon? Maybe it’s a birthday. Or, maybe someone close to you is celebrating something. It could be a romantic anniversary, a wedding, or a graduation party!

Whatever it is, you need to buy a gift. You need to give out something special, but not “too expensive.” This is something we’ll help you with.

Below is a list of 5 tech gifts ideas you can buy. They’re all under $100, so they shouldn’t break your wallet too much!

#1 – Countertop Blenders.

Kitchen tools are common gifts. Consider getting one, like a blender…Many blenders exist that are under $100. In fact, that price gets you blenders with “sleek looks and cool features”!

Such As?

How about button use? Many old blenders work using dials and switches. But modern ones use buttons for their varying functions. This includes ice crushing, pureeing, and the normal blending! Plus, you get larger jug capacities per blender. In fact, for under $100, you can get up to 72 ounces!

#2 – Room Humidifier.

Live in a dry area? Or maybe you’re gifting someone with “sensitive airways”? If so, get a humidifier. This tool spreads water vapor into a room. It ensures they breathe enough moisture at all times. Most are under $100. In fact, you can get many humidifiers for that half that price!

Main Features to look when buying one:

  • When buying a humidifier, make sure it’s low noise. After all, most people use them during sleep. They also use them when studying, working, or doing mental activities.
  • Another thing to look for is ease of use. That is, the humidifier should be easy to refill.
  • Also, you should be able to control the mist output at all times. After all, no one wants their room to turn into a swamp!

#3 – High-Quality Headphones.

Headphones are as much of a utility as clothes are.

In fact, if you watch videos or listen to music, you almost always need a headphone.

However, when buying them as a gift, you should get “high quality.” And you do so for a reason…

Headphones cost anywhere from $10 to $100. The price depends on the brand, features, looks, and much more.

Plus, since most people buy low-cost types – you should do the opposite!


Well, you’re buying them “that special item” they want to try – but can’t justify.

And don’t we all want expensive headphones?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk around with expensive headgear that blasts high-quality audio?

It’s something to show off. It’s something to enjoy. And it’ll change any user’s music/video experience!

#4 – Media Players.

Entertainment is an excellent way to gift someone. Headphones do that job well. The only problem is, they’re solo, and almost everyone has a pair. But, media players aren’t that common. Few people consider buying one. And that makes it one of the best things to buy with 100 dollars!

What to Look For…

  • Media players are diverse. So you want a device that gives its user “many streaming options.”
  • For starters, it should stream HDR/4K/HD media. Also, it should have internet connectivity (both wireless and LAN).
  • Make sure it also works with streaming services. Those include Netflix, HBO NOW, Prime Video, and SHOWTIME.
  • It’s all about options – the more, the better!

#5 – Surveillance Cameras.

The last item on our list.

Some people are security freaks. They worry about home invasions, people knocking at the door, and faint noises…

There’s probably someone like that in your social circle. Solve their problems by gifting them a security camera. They can use it to monitor any room from afar. They’ll appreciate you more. And it’ll keep them sane!

Other Benefits.

  • They work well for home and business use.
  • Maybe you’re gifting someone who just had a child. If so, a surveillance camera helps them keep an eye on their kid!
  • Or, maybe you’re gifting a business owner. With a security camera, they can keep watch over their shop!
  • The benefits are endless. And the best part is, the majority of security cameras are cheap!
  • After all, they’re designed with homeowners as a market. So you can always find an affordable model to buy!

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