Left-Lane Driving Laws Everyone Should Know

Left Lane Driving

While driving vehicles on the road following daily traffic, it is important to make sure you are driving safely and assuring the safety of others as well. Everyone should be aware of the laws because if we all follow traffic rules precisely, many road accidents can be reduced. So, we have gathered all the important information in this post that you need to know related to the left lane laws. By following this set of rules, safe driving can be assured.

Left Lane Driving

Main road traffic works with two lanes, left and right. A highway is considered with two or more two lanes in which one half is called the right lane, and the other half is called the left lane. There are different rules for each lane, so a person who wants to change lanes or proceed with one must follow these rules. Here are some left-lane laws listed below:

  • Change lane safely
  • Use of Indicators 
  • Raising speed 
  • Tailgating
  • Changing lanes too quickly

A car crash happens because of neglecting these basic guiding rules. Many unpleasant road incidents can be controlled if people actively follow these regulations, and lives could be saved.

Changing left lane on highway carefully

The left lane in the United States of America is set aside for two causes, either passing or for a faster-moving vehicle. It is stated, "a person should not drive in the left lane on the highway if the speed limit is 65 miles per hour or exceeding it unless passing the other traffic in non-passing lanes.” It is recommended to check well even while merging according to the left lane ends sign.

Use of Indicators

Driving on main roads like expressways or left lanes on highways, you should always use indicators correctly while overtaking or passing because left lane driving is meant for faster traffic. It would not be accurate to say left lane laws only meant faster traffic, but it is generally referred to as a fast lane or passing lane. It is always advised to use indicators whether there is traffic on the road or not. Inapt use of indicators is a big cause of car crashes. Our responsibility is to make sure that the turning indicator is on while changing lanes to drive safely.

Raising Speed

The left lane laws do not encourage you to drive fast as it could be dangerous and cause you a speed ticket. However, depending on the condition, if raising speed seems necessary, you can use the accelerator. Suppose a person joins the left lane from the right side and drives at a slow speed rate; other drivers would get aggravated and horn the person ahead of them, signaling them to move faster since it is made for faster traffic. It is the common issue left lane users face. This way, it gets wearisome because the slow-speed car holds up the whole lane, leaving others waiting behind them. 


While learning about left lane driving, you must have heard the phrase “tailgating.” The expression means driving behind another vehicle while not leaving enough space to stop. It can cause a collision. It is always recommended to leave some space in case a vehicle next to you stops suddenly. It can cause real damage to the whole line behind you, so make certain to have some distance depending on traffic or weather conditions. Tailgating can be very risky for the tailgater if they drive behind a heavy vehicle like a truck or oil and gas tanker. 

Changing lanes too quickly

Changing lanes too quickly and slowing down right away can create a hazardous situation for others as well. It is suggested to continue driving with the flow of traffic. This practice is to make left-lane driving safe. Hence, while merging your vehicle with the traffic of another side, catch the speed up to the lane. Sometimes you have to slow down or accelerate a little bit to join the flow of traffic.

Causes of Accidents

Every one of us has the responsibility to take care of our and others’ safety. This is why it is important always to stay updated with traffic rules and laws to reduce the number of accidents.

There are many causes of everyday road accidents, for example:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Not wearing seatbelts 
  • Reckless Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Bad road situation

The most interesting thing many people would’ve noticed is that every big accident happens because of speeding or distracted driving. Specifically, in left lane laws, “it is important to note that without indicator changing from right to left lane can be a risk and leads to catastrophe.” 

How to drive in the left lane?

The question that most people ask is, is it illegal to drive in the left lane?  Eight American states where it is illegal to drive in the left lane are Kansas, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, West Virginia, and New Jersey. It is not permissible to drive in the left lane over there unless turning left or passing. While states like California, there is no exclusion against cruising in the left lane on the highway. It is vital to note that too many times, lane changing can cause you a traffic ticket. Driving in the left lane on the highway always works if we follow the rules and signals, for instance, the left lane ends sign. 

What does the left lane ends sign mean?

The young drivers or several people who aren’t familiar with the left lane ends sign should know that it signifies either ‘there is a work zone ahead’ or the ‘left lane is ending.’ It indicates that you must merge to the right lane ahead. In addition, you should also know about the other two signs too. For example, "keep right except to pass,” the sign depicts all vehicles should be driven only in the right lane unless to surpass or overtake other vehicles. “Slower traffic keeps right," this sign indicates that all slower traffic should only move in the right-hand lane. 

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