Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Like love, attraction is one of the feelings which has a strong drive experienced by human nature. There are many forces in the universe like nuclear, gravitational, magnetic forces, etc and their scientific laws. Like these, we have other drives which influence human nature like love, lust, desire, hatred, attraction, etc. What is the law of attraction? And how humans benefit from this drive? Let us see….

We are attracted to many things in life like riches, luxuries, beauty, food, etc. The attraction comes from our thinking, perception, feelings, etc. There is an old saying “we become what we think”. In order to achieve something in life, the first and foremost step is to think clearly about what we want to achieve. This is called the power of thinking or the power of manifestation. To manifest means to have a clear sight and perception of what we want in life or what we desire.

Everything starts with a thought. There is a saying by Napolean Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”; which says “Thoughts Are Things”. Many people do not understand its profundity and for someone, it may look like a nonsensical statement or even an absurd one. But for a success-conscious individual it is a powerful statement and within it contains life’s most precious secret.

For example, the people like Wright brothers, Bill Gates who invented and innovated great things were able to achieve success by their thoughts in their first step. They made their thoughts a reality by which today we are the beneficiaries of their hard struggle. Imagine, if the Wright brothers did not have thought about flying, today we won't be traveling in airplanes. History proves that some simple thoughts became the greatest inventions in the world. Those people understood the law of attraction.

We know that opposite poles attract in the case of magnetism but on the contrary, the law of attraction states that similar things attract to one another like the saying “birds of a feather flock together.”

The law of attraction functions like this: A thought attracts other similar thoughts which attract other people’s similar thoughts. These collective thoughts attract the circumstances which are in harmony with these thoughts. These circumstances finally lead to the things in the physical form desired by the individuals through their thoughts. Thus thoughts/desires attract the things in physical form and they become reality. The strength of the pull of attraction of thoughts makes them become real.

Now let us see that if there is any scientific analysis for the law of attraction. According to science, the whole universe is made of energy which can not be destroyed nor created. The things in thoughts and at that level, they are nothing but random energy waiting to be “assembled”. It is just like electricity in general which we can’t see but we experience beyond shadows of doubt. Thoughts are some kind of energies which are in primitive stage and each energy has a frequency. Just like radio antennas radiate frequencies, the thought energies also radiate frequencies. The level of these frequencies determine the kind of physical manifestation and the circumstances that lead to reality. Low thought frequencies correspond to low physical expression while high thought frequencies correspond to things, people and circumstances similar to that frequencies.

That is the reason, we have the saying like how much more one desires, that much more they try to make it happen. The key to success in this regard is to keep in mind that thoughts are as real as any physical thing and holding them long enough for their manifestation in reality.

So go ahead. Think yourself into riches, a new home, a new car, an opulent lifestyle, happiness, meaningful relationships, peace of mind, etc whatever good you desire. You are limited to the kind of thoughts you hold in your mind. Be cautious about what you think because we should attract good and positive things but not negative thoughts. The Law of Attraction does work for both kinds of thoughts. All you need to do is check your thoughts and remember what you sow is what you reap.

Use this power of attraction to fill your life with good things and abundant happiness. With good thoughts, attract good things and manifest a great life!

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