10 Reasons Why Women Prefer Alfa Males

10 Reasons Why Women Prefer Alfa Males

Ever wonder, why women usually like/prefer Alfa males and who are these alfa males?

The word Alfa is not only just a term but it is also a title. It has significance like, it is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and in astronomy, it is the brightest star in a constellation. In simple terms, alpha means to be the first.

Women not only like alpha males but also adore them. They are the heroes in the romantic imaginations and ecstasies of women in their sleepless nights. These are men who get women's attention wherever they go.

Let’s find out what makes these men to be adorned by women to such extent……..


  1. Leadership:

           Alpha males are born leaders. Leadership is their main quality and capability and are born to lead a pack like a hunter and the ever-reliable male god.

        2. Power and power of attraction:

           They possess power and the power of attraction. Naturally, women are drawn to this power and attraction. The attraction is not just about the money but it is also for the immense strength in character which makes them be respected by his peers.

       3. Dominant:

            Dominance oozes from them and spread like current waves within the radius of their presence.  An alpha male has strong vocal dominance about what he wants and does everything to achieve his desire. He has a semblance of authority in his voice which attracts both male and females.

       4. Cockiness:

            It is one such trait which is inbuilt in the personality of alpha males and it is like a jewel in the crown for them. Some women secretly desire their cockiness and alpha males are so much cocky.

       5. Raw confidence:

            An alpha male is confident about his looks and physique though he may not be handsome and he is confident about his intelligence though he may not be highly qualified. Women are attracted to this confidence that emanates from them. With this raw confidence, an alpha carries himself and it can be seen in treating others and dealing.

      6. Masculinity:

            The social structure of the animal kingdom and human society is similar.  In the animal kingdom, the alpha or the dominant males get to mate with the females. There is a principle that the alpha males will most probably produce better offsprings.

This is similar to human society and the alpha males are powerful virile men and are all macho.

      7.  Aggressive and peace:

            They lead the pack with aggressive behaviour. They are not only known for their aggressive rule but they are also excellent peacemakers. They have the ability to stop fights in need of times in a dignified manner. They stand by their principles and cannot be dictated by others.

For example, Gandhi is an alpha male who is a charismatic leader and who refused to give up his cause even in pressure. He won his battle with the indestructible power of non-violence and truth.

      8. Ability to achieve their dreams:

         Alpha males possess dareness to dream and to achieve them. They work hard and have high self-esteem believing that they have the power to do anything they want and to achieve their dreams. They do not boat nor talk about their strength.

       9. Protectiveness:

        Naturally, women crave for protection and security. Alpha males are natural protectors of their kin and their woman. Women sense the warmth of protection in the strong alpha arms. Once an alpha male considers a woman as "his", he will go to any extent to give protection to her and fights with everything coming in the way.

      10. Assertiveness:

The alpha male is always assertive but not to the point of being pushy. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He asserts his rights and the rights of his friends. He knows what he can do in the process of achieving what he wants. This makes the alpha males so popular with the pack. Women love this trait which adds to his confidant to get the best girl in town. Girls usually flock around him.

Every woman dreams of a good and brave man who can love and protect her. Alpha males have all the above qualities and will always be the dream heroes of women!

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