Laptop Repair Guide to Resolve the "User Profile Cannot Be Loaded” Error

If you have tried to log onto your Windows PC and received the error message “User Profile Cannot Be Loaded,” then refer this article to learn the troubleshooting technique for this error.

A user profile is a collection of settings to determine desktop backgrounds, network connections, display settings, application settings, customization and appearance setting. It is also an important part of the Windows operating system. So, a corrupt user profile can be one of the most annoying PC problems faced by Windows PC users. It happens due to various reasons such as virus infections, hardware problems, etc.

Resolution of the User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error

Method One: Start Your Computer in Safe Mode

•    Start your system.
•    And, keep pressing ‘F8’ key continuously, until ‘Advanced Boot Menu’ appears on the screen.
•    Then, use your arrows keys on your keyboard to select ‘Safe Mode.’
•    Now, press ‘Enter’ to boot your system in the Safe Mode.

Method Two: Copy Data to a New Account

Windows might not be able to read your user profile properly if your antivirus program is running in your computer background while you try to log on. 

Apply the below tips, if your system is on a domain:

•    Start your system.
•    And, click ‘Start’ button.
•    Then, open ‘Microsoft Management Console.’ 
•    Now, type ‘mmc’ in the search box.
•    Press ‘Enter,’ and type ‘Administrator Password.’
•    Then, open ‘Local Users and Groups.’
•    Perform the below steps, if you don't find ‘Local Users and Groups.’

  • Open ‘Microsoft Management Console.’
  • And open ‘menu.’
  • Click ‘Add/Remove.’
  • Then, hit ‘Local Users and Groups.’
  • Now, hit ‘Add.’
  • And, open ‘local computer,’ and hit ‘Finish.’
  • Then, press ‘OK.’

•    Now, hit ‘Users folder.’
•    And, hit ‘Action’ menu.
•    Click ‘New User’ and type require information.
•    Then, hit ‘Create.’
•    When you are complete creating ‘User Accounts,’ click ‘Close.’
•    And, restart your system.

Perform the below tips, if your system is in a Workgroup:

•    Click ‘Start’ button.
•    And go to ‘Control Panel.’
•    Click ‘User Account’ and hit ‘Manage another account.’
•    Type, ‘Administrator Password.’
•    Then, click ‘Create a new account.’
•    And, type the name you want to give the user account.
•    Click an account type, and then hit ‘Create Account.’
•    Now, restart your system.

Perform the below tips to copy files to the new user profile:

•    Start your system.
•    Then, log on as a user that you want to copy files from.
•    Click ‘Start’ button.
•    And, click ‘Computer.’
•    Now, double-click the drive that Windows is installed.
•    Double-click ‘Users.’
•    Then, double-click the folder with the name of your account.
•    And, double-click ‘My Documents.’
•    Now, hit ‘Tools’ menu and, then hit ‘Folder Options.’
•    Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard if you don't see the ‘Tools’ menu.
•    Now, click ‘View tab,’ and hit ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives.’
•    Then, clear ‘Hide protected operating system files’ checkbox.
•    And click ‘Yes.’
•    Now, locate ‘C:\Users\Old_Username folder.’
•    Then, select all of the files and folders, except the below files:

  • Ntuser.dat.
  • Ntuser.dat.log.
  • Ntuser.ini.

•    Now, hit ‘Edit’ menu, and hit ‘Copy.’
•    Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard if you don't see the ‘Edit’ menu.
•    Now, locate ‘C:\Users\New_Username folder’ and ‘New_Username’ is the name of the new user profile you have created.
•    And, hit ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Paste.’
•    Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard if you don't see the ‘Edit’ menu.
•    Now, log off and then log on as the new user.

Note: If you have any messages in an email program, then you should import your addresses and messages to the new user profile before you delete the old profile. Then, you can delete the old profile if it is working fine.


The error “User profile cannot be loaded” should get fixed after you have applied the methods mentioned above. If the error prevails, then you should contact to a reputed desktop and laptop repair firm, which provides online live tech support and resolve the error immediately. These online live tech support experts may troubleshoot your error with the help advanced remote desktop access tools and troubleshooting tools to avoid loss of valuable data on your system.

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