Know Which Type of Motorcycle is for You

There are several things to consider when it comes to buying a motorbike that best suits you. This could depend on your riding experience, performance preferences, budget and styling choices so you should be aware of all the different options around you. If you are new to this, you’ll need to know that there are two primary categories when it comes to motorbikes: road bikes and dirt bikes.



Also known as as “naked bikes”, the standard bikes are very versatile but not too flashy and are perfect for general street riding. They are the type of street bikes which are simple but performs competently and very easy to fling around through the corners thanks to their lightweight quality. You will probably recognise them by the rider’s upright sitting position. In terms of price, they are fairly inexpensive and have less stuff on the bike meaning they are easier to maintain. They are also fuel efficient which can help you save some money at the pump, and I believe this would be super appealing to new riders. In terms of driving around, since the standard bikes are relatively small in size, they make it easier to drive down a crowded street and fit nicely in a small garage.



The Cruiser is suitable for relaxed riders as they are easy and comfortable to ride. You will most likely recognise them by their Harley Davidson Cruisers design and look. They are designed for cruising and touring as the name says, and they are great for long trips along flat and open roads. With a low seat height and storage spaces, they also give you the option of adding a passenger or luggage behind the rider. In terms of performance, they are powered for travelling great distances but they are definitely not built for racing as they are not classified as one of the fastest genre of motorcycles. For new riders, it’s important not to pick one that is too big, as it can be quite expensive to fix. If you are looking for a reliable partner to go on a comfortable journey with, then a cruiser is your perfect companion.



In contrast to a Cruiser, we have the Sportbike which is built for power, speed and performance. Depending on the model you choose to get, you can experience racecar level acceleration which can be absolutely thrilling and exciting. Since they have a high performance engine, you might require motorcycling experience to ride well and safely on the road, and also be more attentive to them as they require higher maintenance which could be quite expensive. There is also not a lot of room for carrying a lot but there are options to add soft bags to attach to the bike for extra storage.



You will most probably recognise a scooter by its platform based design. Scooters are easy to ride, inexpensive and fun. If you’re looking for speed and highway riding, this may not be the bike you’re looking to get as they are more suited to ride in urban areas. They are fully automatic, no clutch pedal and no gear changes, which makes them simple and friendly to ride. They are also very stylish, provide plenty of storage spaces and are compact which is great for parking and fuel efficiency. However, since they do have small wheels, you may find that it could be a bumpy ride.


Dirt Bike

If you’re looking to have some fun with your bike and can’t deal with traffic this is definitely what you’re after - provided you don’t mind getting dirty! Since its not legal to ride a dirt bike on the street, you will have to ride them off-road. These are great for outdoor areas and for camping where you can get away from any obstacles slowing your fun down. There are also different types of dirt bikes from which you can choose from e.g. the play bikes which are low maintenance or the motorcross bike which are more suited for speed and distances. If you’re looking for something to do with family, these are also a great option as for kids to hop on a small electric dirt bike with training wheels. However, prepare to clean as things can get quite muddy and you will probably need a trailer of some sort to get these bikes to the grounds.


There are also many different motorcycle brands including some of our rider’s favourites: Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda, that you might want to choose from so make sure to look around at the different models, functions and pricing before purchasing.

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