Know About Orthopedics

Orthopedics is the science deals with the correction of deformities that appear in our musculoskeletal systems (muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and nerves). Orthopedic surgeons are those surgeons who are capable of repairing the injuries and defects in musculoskeletal systems and  Orthopedic surgeons also provide treatment for arthritis and rheumatic diseases. To know the different types of disease coming under orthopedics, here are some orthopedic diseases listed below


•      Diabetic foot

The reasons for diabetic foot are injuries or damage of the Central nervous system. Some symptoms for diabetic foot are listed here

1.    Numbness in foot

2.    Swellings

3.    Open wounds

4.    Loss of hair in legs and foot

5.    Experiencing pain in legs, while walking

Treatment for the diabetic foot is done in three stages such as

Debridement (tissues that are dead and dying are removed by this process), Drainage (this is done for wounds with pus), Bandage (This process is done to prevent infection and also to provide antibiotics)

•      Heel pain

Heel pain is mainly due to overuse or injury of the heel bone. Some causes of heel bone are overweight, wearing chapels or shoes of incorrect size, heel spurs, Achilles Tendinitis (inflammation of the Achilles tendon), Excessive Pronation (the foot rolls inward and the ligaments and tendons at the back of the heel are stretched too much), Plantar Fasciitis (due to inflammation of tendinous tissue connecting the heel to the ball of the foot)

•      Mortan’s Neuroma ( Intermetatarsal)

This disease is due to compression and irritation of nerves. Hence, Foot’s Neuroma is called as Mortan’s Neuroma. Some symptoms are pain & numbness in foot, a feeling of something in the foot.

•      Bone Spurs

These are small bony projections that appear along the edges of the bone.

•      Tendon Dysfunction

This is due to tendon’s inflammation

•      Bunions

Bunions are called for the bony bump appears at the base of the big toe

•      Claw toe

Nerve damage results in claw toe

•      Hammertoe

The tightening and bending of muscles or tendons result in Hammertoe

•      Hip dysplasia

Abnormal formation of hip sockets causes hip dysplasia

•      Hip Bursitis

Inflammation of fluid sac ( bursa) which is needed to reduce the friction during the movement of tissues

•      Snapping Hip

Changes in anatomy lead to snapping hip

•      Osteoporosis

Degeneration of bones is osteoporosis

•      Arthritis

This is due to pain and swellings in joints

•      Bowed legs

Bowed legs are called for the curving of legs

•      Runners knee (Patellofemeral pain syndrome)

Runners knee disease is due to the irritation of patella cartilage

•      Osgood- schlatter disease

This is due to the inflammation of tibia attached tendon

•      Tendonitis

Inflammation of tendon causes tendonitis

•      Neurofibromatosis

This disease causes interruptions for the cell growth of the nervous system

•      Cerebral palsy

This is a congenital disease

•      Boutonniere deformity

Abnormal positioning of toes and fingers

•      De Quervain tenosynovitis

This disease occurs when the sheath covering of thumb tendon get inflammation

•      Erb’s palsy

Erb’s palsy is called for the paralysis of the upper arm due to injuries or damage to nerves that present in the upper group arms

•      Frozen shoulders

This is due to Inflammation of shoulder joint tendons

•      Cubital tunnel syndrome

Ulnar nerve pressure variations cause this disease

•      Tennis elbow

Overuse or aging may be the reasons for tennis elbow

•      Spinal stenosis

May due to the wear and tear occurring in the feet, legs, lower back

•      Scoliosis

This condition is called for the curve appearance in the spine due to the degenerative bone tissues

•      Muscular dystrophy

This is a disease affecting group muscles

•      Rickets

Deficiency of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D causes bone deformity. This rickets appears in children

•      Cauda squine syndrome

Nerve endings of spinal cord get irritated, a condition called Cauda squine syndrome

•      Lyme disease

This disease is due to borrelia type bacteria

•      Sciatica

Leg pain due to problems with sciatic nerve

•      Carpel tunnel syndrome

This disease is called for numbness and pain in the hand

•      Compartment syndrome

This disease is called for pain in fingers

•      Kienbock’s syndrome

This disease causes interruptions in blood supply to some bones in the wrist

•      Dupuytren’s contracture

Hand deformity due to the thickening of fibrous tissues of hands

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