Kayaking Gear: Essential Safety & Rescue Equipment In 2018

Kayaking Gear: Essential Safety & Rescue Equipment In 2018

Having the right kayaking gear including kayaker t shirt can make the difference between a great trip and a day of misery on the water. Knowing what equipment to select based on the conditions you'll be facing is important to the overall success of your voyage--be it only a day trip or a week long expedition. Once you figure out what kinds of gear you'll need for those conditions, don't assume that Mother Nature will cooperate just because you're looking for some peace and quiet. Skimping on the necessary kayaking gear can make the difference between saving your life or the life of someone else.

Okay. You've just found the perfect kayak for your needs and added the best paddles (a primary paddle and a two-piece spare). Now the fun part really begins. You get to turn your craft into a home away from home. By utilizing carefully chosen kayak accessories, you'll turn your new hull into a kayak you really want to paddle. And you'll be prepared for any emergency that may arise--for yourself or for someone else in trouble.

Emergency Survival Kit: The Pocket Survival Kit contains a collection of survival tools for when you find yourself abandoned, stranded, or lost in the outdoors. This 4" x 5" kit is small enough to fit any kayak. The pouch is waterproof and floatable and the seal allows for quick closure. Contains 26 items, including a signal mirror, fire starter, whistle, fishhooks, line and duct tape.

Hand-Powered Bilge Pump: A bilge pump should be included on every paddler’s checklist when your goal is to empty your swamped kayak. They have a low profile and pump about 8 gallons per minute. It is indispensable for self-rescue after wet-exiting your boat. Also consider carrying a large sponge to sop up any remaining water in your kayak.

Paddle Float: A good paddle float is an essential component on any kayak voyage. With proper training and practice, a paddle float will enable you to reenter your craft in open water, eliminating the need to tow your boat to shore or to wait for an essential rescue from friends.

3/4-Finger Paddling Gloves: The ¾-finger design offers basic protection for your hands while leaving your fingertips free. They're great for those times when you need both finger dexterity and blister protection. These lightweight gloves are designed with synthetic leather palms and Lycra backs. The ultimate in comfort and fit. Improve your grip and prevent blisters.

Deck-Mount Gear Bag: The Aleutian Deck Bag is simply the best storage available to touring paddlers. It provides on-the-deck, easy-access storage for kayaks. It's a fully submersible bag. The 420-denier nylon pack cloth is double-coated with polyurethane for abrasion resistance and strength. All seams are radio frequency-welded and guaranteed to be free of leaks. A removable stiffener sheet allows for easy loading and unpacking. There's plenty of internal storage, a water bottle slot, bilge pump retainers and a welded-in easy-to-see map case.

Marine Strobe: Having the right safety gear is essential in paddling. An ultra-compact marine survival strobe is designed to be a lifesaver. The strobe clips easily to PFDs or kayaks, and also floats head-up in water. It uses one AA battery and can last up to eight hours. The strobe sends out intermittent bands of intense light visible for up to three miles.

Flotation Bags: Flotation is a very important safety essential. Floatation bags limit the amount of water that can enter the boat should a wet exit (after a capsize) be necessary. Self-rescue becomes much easier and less difficult with these safety bags in place. They can be used in the bow and stern compartment of touring boats, or the stern of any whitewater boat. The valve system on these bags can be used for flotation if used as a float bag, or left deflated in storage mode. 

Waterproof First Aid Kit: Survive the unexpected with the Paddler Kit featuring first aid supplies, gear repair, and survival items. The Paddler First Aid Kit is built for groups of 1 to 6 people. The Paddler contains systems for treating and preventing dislocations/sprains, wounds, blisters, burns, trauma, allergic symptoms, and virus transmissions. The supplies are grouped together in clear, re-sealable waterproof bags. Each see-through module allows you to quickly scan the contents in the bag.

Removable Compass: It's easy to mount to your kayak. Simply hook the compass to your kayak's deck rigging or eyelets via the included nylon snap hooks. The elastic shock cord stretches 17", enabling it to fit kayaks of varying shapes and sizes. This system also makes removal easy for safekeeping while transporting your boat. Some are constructed of a durable thermoplastic rubber for years of reliable use. A luminous dial is a big plus if you do any night cruising. A must for accurate kayak navigation.

Anorak (Wind Shell): The Anorak is the finest paddling jacket available for touring paddlers. It offers latex gaskets with protective coated lycra splash cuffs, an integral draft collar, reflective tape, and drainable cargo pockets. The anatomically designed wide-bill storm hood allows peripheral vision and rolls away when not in use. It features a double-skirted tunnel with a smooth-skin neoprene waistband.