Julia Bidden

Julia Bidden is very much your average joe. Mother of three, wife, entrepreneur and freelance writer. She enjoys writing about practical wedding planning ideas and other wedding related content. Creative writing for her brings great joy and relaxation as well as opportunity to exercise creative muscles. :) 

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Kayaking Gear: Essential Safety & Rescue Equipment In 2018

Having the right kayaking gear including kayaker t shirt can make the difference between a great trip and a day of misery on the water. Knowing what equipment to select based on the conditions you'll be facing is important to the overall success of your voyage--be it only a day trip or a week long expedition

engagement party eitquette

Are you thinking about throwing an engagement party for the bride to be and her future husband? If that is the case, be sure to practice proper engagement party etiquette. Etiquette comes into play in a lot of events and activities. So ‘good etiquette’ refers to what is “mannerable”, “principle” or otherwise “good practice”.