Justin Alexander Case Study: Implementing a Custom Page Builder

Justin Alexander

As a software outsourcing company, we work on a variety of projects and constantly aim to expand our expertise. Sometimes, the small ones grow and become a foundation for long-term partnerships with the client. One of such projects for Redwerk is Justin Alexander bridal dress online platform.

About the Project

Justin Alexander is a famous bridal dress fashion brand with 1500+ stores all over the world. They had four separate websites and reached out to us asking to put them together into a single multi-brand platform based on a custom Page Builder for easy managing and administration. Besides, the platform had to meet the following requirements:

  • Be available in 11 languages;
  • Have a user’s location tracking feature to show them closest authorized reseller shops;
  • Be visually pleasing.

Page Builder

Page Builder was our key task in this project as it allows making changes to different pages of various styles immediately. The task of our back-end developers was to code the blocks for storing different kinds of data and pass it on to the frontend team to combined these blocks into different patterns and templates.

Ultimately, Page Builder is a custom CMS with a set of functions for managing site content, including home page, blog page, item page, lookbook, etc. It also allows adding more brands to the website and integrating new widgets into the platform. To put it simply, Page Builder has enabled us to create 80% of the website.

Image Source; Redwerk.com

How We Did It

Here are the solutions to some of the challenging tasks we have encountered while working on this project.

Data migration and import

In this process, we had to ensure safe data migration from the old sites to the new ones. To achieve this, our developers created a mechanism to migrate faster and with minimum human interaction. Besides, we implemented no-hassle .csv data import for new products to make the uploads easier.


Implementing a multi-brand platform within one domain was not easy, but we did it: expanded the platform and created new websites for each brand with different styles, product lists, and retail stores.


Justin Alexander is a worldwide famous brand, which implies that its website should be available in multiple languages. Our developers have provided this option by allowing admins to add content to the site with translations in 11 languages.

Media library

Page Builder allows not only uploading images and videos to the site but also instantly sorting them into albums by style and certain rules. Besides, all images undergo additional quality optimization and can be edited.

Global search and dynamic filtering

We have developed dynamic filters to make the search more convenient. The users will now see only the settings that include at least one item. We also added a global search option to display the most popular items. The result of this search will be influenced by the primacy of conditions.

Store locator

This feature was added to simplify the process of finding the brand's nearest shops depending on user location.


We have developed a feature to search for the closest events the brand holds by location, stores, or the distance from the current location. The users can now receive additional information on the events, see the location on the map, and register.


To make the shopping process faster and easier, we have implemented functions allowing users to add items they like to favorites, leave notes, filter them, and share them with friends.

Wrapping up!

Justin Alexander and Redwerk are still partners to this day. We have grown in this cooperation by challenging ourselves and adding new skills to our experience.

We are proud to say that we have contributed to Justin Alexander allowing visitors to choose bridal dresses from the latest collections of prominent brands and search among 1500+ retailer stores globally.

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