Introduction to Java Programming for Beginners

Java Programming

Java, a fairly known popular programming language is in huge demand as it satisfies the thirst of developers to create web applications, mobile apps and etc. Since the trajectory of development of rising at a rapid speed, no one longs to stay behind the competition. Java is the perfect tool to learn and project yourself as an expert web app developer.


Java programming language was curated by Sun Microsystems Inc in 1991. It was later attained by Oracle Corporation. James Gosling and Patrick Naughton are the masterminds behind the development of Java language. They developed it in a way that it is easy and simple to understand by any beginner. Java language is helpful in creating modular programs and reusable code. With the help of a reliable Java software development company, you can build a wide range of applications for different types of devices.  

Java Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine plays an integral role in fulfilling the concept of Java i.e. write once and run everywhere’. JVM is a software that is implemented on top of real hardware and operating system. The source code i.e. java files are compiled, translated into bytecodes and then placed into class files for entire process execution. The work of JVM here is to execute the bytecodes.

Fact Alert: There is different JVM for every operating system, nonetheless the output produced after execution of bytecode is the same across all operating systems. This is the reason why Java is called a platform independent language.

Java Development Kit(JDK)

Java Development Kit(JDK) is a complete Java development kit that includes JRE (Java Runtime Environment), compilers and various other important tools like JavaDoc, Java debugger etc. You will need JDK installed in your system when you create, compile and run Java program.

Java Runtime Environment(JRE)

JRE – Java Runtime Environment is a part of JDK. This explicates that JRE is a part of JDK. JRE installed in your system enables you to run a java program on your system. But it does not allow you to compile the program. JRE is equipped with JVM, browser plugins and applets support. If you only need to run a java program on your system, it’s just JRE that you would need and nothing else.

Feature Benefits of Java programming language

1)    Power of Object-Oriented Language

Java language is based on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language. OOP means that programs are classified as a collection of objects which again represents an instance of the class. There is 4 basic principle of OOP Language.

a)    Abstraction – It means to figure out the important characteristics of an object with those of other objects. This helps in providing crisp defined conceptual boundaries that are in line with the viewer’s perspective.

b)    Encapsulation – This refers to hide the non-essential details from users and display only required implementation details to users.

c)    Polymorphism – It refers to the existence of the class or methods in other different forms. Can also be known as a single name that illuminates different implementations
d)    Inheritance – This explicates the process through which one object attains the properties of another object.

2)    Platform Independent Language

As explained above, the bytecode produced by the compiler is executed by JVM. Irrespective of the platform, the bytecode can run on any platform be it Windows, MAC, and etc. This gives the feasibility to create bytecode, compile it and then transfer it on another system to run it.

For instance – Bytecode compiled on Linus would easily run on MAC and the output remains the same. And this is why Java is widely popular as Platform Independent Language.

3)    Automatic Garbage Collection

Another not to be missed feature of Java language is Automatic garbage collection. It prevents accidental corruption of memory. Just like C++, Java language comes with a new operator that allocates memory on the heap for a new object.

It does not provide the feasibility to use delete operator to free the memory just like done in C++. There is no need for manual labor to free the memory if the object is no longer needed. It is easily done automatically with the garbage collector. Consult a trusted Java development company with experienced developers who have sound knowledge of Automatic Garbage Collection.

4)    Distributed

Java programming language also helps us to create distributed applications. Two aspects that are used to create distributed applications in Java are - RMI (Remote Method Invocation) and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans).

The distributed feature of Java language allows you to distribute programs on more than one systems connected to each other with an internet connection. Since there are a wide set of routines to handle TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP and FTP, Java allows access to the objects across net via URLs.

5)    Multithread

Out of many features, one important feature of Java also includes that it supports Multithreading. This means that Java language allows multiple executions of threads to run concurrently within the same program. It’s quite obvious that a single Java program may have multiple threads that could be executed independently and continuously.  


To conclude with, Java programming language is one such language that is must when it comes to app development. Today's world is all about constant change in trends, technologies, expectations. If you want to be one step ahead, then you ought to be an expert in Java programming language that prepares you with upcoming expectations.

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