Improve Online Sales with a Small Investment: Check Out Cobrowsing


Any company that operates online—and what company doesn't?--understands that reaching its customers on a personal level is difficult. With computer screens between them, agents and customers seem far apart. Cobrowsing software is a way to bring your agents and customers together, improving the customer's experience and the company's bottom line. 

What Is Cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing is a way to improve sales by enhancing the customer service experience. Any industry that depends on customers can benefit from using cobrowsing software. Adding a personal touch to an interaction between agent and customer makes the customer feel wanted, thereby increasing sales. 

Replicate the "Store" Atmosphere

Even though not all businesses have an actual store, they are still careful about their customer service. Each employee learns exemplary customer service, but so often that training is wasted when they only deal with customers online. Customers who cannot find an employee when they need one are extremely likely to go to a competitor's site in search of the answers they need. 

Cobrowsing software makes it easy for your agents to put their customer service skills to work. In a store atmosphere, an employee pops up at the right moment to answer a question or give an opinion; the same thing can happen with cobrowsing software. 

How Does It Work?

There are a number of companies that make cobrowsing software, and each one has its distinct features, although the concept is the same. Cobrowsing software allows agents and customers to share a browser.  

Show the Agent's Screen

When an agent can share his or her browser with a customer, the agent can show the customer where to navigate, how to bundle certain items for a discount, how products work, or any number of other useful things. 

The customer then learns the perks of your site or product, which keeps him or her from going to a competitor. Additionally, when customers understand the ins and outs of your website, they are more likely to return to do business with you in the future. 

Show the Customer's Screen

Just like sharing the agent's screen, sharing the customer's screen puts the agent and customer on the same page, literally. In such circumstances as these, the customer can indicate a specific product he or she has a question about, inquire about a deal, or request more information.  

When an agent can see the customer's screen, it gives an opportunity to upsell. In a retail clothing store, the sales person sees that a particular customer has a pair of khakis in her hand and suggests a sweater to go with them. Similarly, when sharing a browser, your agent can make suggestions based on what the customer is currently looking at on his or her screen. 

Point, Click, and Highlight

Whoever's screen is showing—the agent's or the customer's—there needs to be a way for the agent to guide users. Some of the most effective cobrowsing software companies enable your agents to point at deals, click on things for the customer, or highlight important information. 

The ability to navigate in the other browser gives your agent the ultimate opportunity to improve sales for  your company. Pointing, clicking, and highlighting allows the agent to demo products, teach customers about deals, and upsell to better packages. 

Don't Worry! It's Secure

After a number of high profile security breaches—Target, Home Depot, and Sony to name a few—people are concerned about their security and anonymity online. Any cobrowsing software worth your investment is completely and utterly secure. 

Each company puts its own precautions in place, which may include: 

  • Encrypting data
  • Blacking out sensitive information 
  • Requesting permission before sharing browsers

You can ensure your customers that their data is secure, and feel secure that your company's sensitive information won't be exposed. 

With cobrowsing software you can truly provide your customers with the service experience they crave—online! As we all know, customer service is the heart of making a sale, so your return on a cobrowsing investment will be worth it. 

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