Importance Of Hospitality In Restaurants

Corporate hospitality is hospitality provided by businesses, usually for its clients or potential clients. The purpose of corporate hospitality is to build business relationships and to raise awareness of the company. Corporate entertaining is also used as a way to thank or reward loyal customers. Companies these days understand the importance of marketing through building relationships with clients and through the company's reputation.

They are willing to spend large amounts of money to do this well.

 Reasons for spending money on corporate hospitality include:

1.    To build relationships with potential customers

2.    To reward customers/thank them for loyalty

3.    As a marketing tool/to raise company or product profile

4.    To increase business/sales

5.    To achieve closer informal contact in a relaxed environment

6.    To raise and keep up the company's profile/ public relations

7.    To encourage repeat business/to retain clients or customers

8.    To keep the customers happy

9.    To talk about business/to network

10.  To achieve better communication interaction/ improved understanding

11.  To meet the expectations of customers or the industry

12.   To reward/boost staff or team morale

 13.   For the social benefits

The restaurant sector has become the largest in the UK hospitality industry. It includes exclusive restaurants and fine-dining establishments, as well as a wide variety of mainstream restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, fast-food outlets. Many restaurants specialize in regional or ethnic food styles, such as Asian and Oriental, Mexican and Caribbean, as well as a wide range of European-style restaurants. New restaurants and cooking methods are launching and becoming more popular all the time.

Moderately priced specialty restaurants continue to increase in popularity. In order for them to succeed, it is essential that they understand what customers want and plan a menu that will attract enough customers to make a good profit. A successful catering/restaurant manager is one who gives customers what they want. They will be aware of changing trends and adapt to them. These abilities are developed by learning different catering/restaurant manager courses. The most successful catering establishments are those that maintain the required level of sales over long periods and throughout the year.

Many customers now want the option of most popular foods at a rational price, with little or no waiting time. Fast-food establishments offer a limited menu that can be consumed on the premises or taken away. Menu items are quick to cook and have often been half or fully ready beforehand at the main production point.

Despite its complexity, catering represents one of the leading sectors of the UK economy and is fifth in size behind retail food, cars, insurance and clothing. It is also a crucial support for tourism, another major part of the economy and one of the largest employers in the country. Restaurants in the UK has approximately 40 percent of the commercial hospitality market, and small institutions employing less than ten staff make up the majority of the industry. The southeast of England has the highest application of catering and hospitality outlets.

Businesses today find themselves competing in a world economy for survival, growth and profitability. Managers working in the industry have to learn to adjust to changes in line with market demands for quality and value for money. Increased organizational attention must be devoted to profitability and professionalism. Many institutions throughout the world provide professional study courses in hospitality and degrees to equip the interested individuals with employment market demands and skills. Many people are learning hospitality management to join the restaurants hospitality as a career. Some of the main reasons behind this are a large amount of employment opportunities around the world and incentives offered by this sector. It is a respectful and entertaining occupation but requires hard work and dedication.

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